I cannot tell you how happy I am that i followed my gut and trusted my best friends mom when she said this was “the guy” to go to- the last stop.


To give a little background on our situation My husband and were looking to rescue a labrador- we ended up with a 2 month old puppy named Rawlie Rose (AKA THE TERROR). We were so excited but we were told by the Vets that until miss rawlie rose got her shots she should not go outside, and if we could have her pee on a designated area in the house that would be even better to risk infection and or disease. Of course my husband and I followed those orders strictly until she got all of her shots, with the occasional walk around the block. When rawlie ended up getting her shots my husband and I went out of town and the first “aggressive” encounter happen. She was about 2 months old and was staying at a house with 2 small dogs, a 3rd dog was brought over to play and kept humping rawlie and rawlie soon enough grabbed the pug by the neck and would not let go until she felt she wanted to, she ended up accidentally biting the handler that was trying to break them up. After our trip we were shocked but I mean who likes to be humped continuously over and over again even though she gave out many warnings before the bite. That was only 1 encounter of aggression shown, a couple more had happened and eventually every time we would walk her down  the block or by the beach, every dog that walked by she would bark and growl and lunge at. People would look at Rawlie with horror, she scared dogs and dog parents, it was our worst nightmare. My husband wanted to get a dog because we wanted to take her hiking and take her to dog parks and dog adventures we wanted a lab because they are friendly. Well we ended up finding out through DNA testing the last kind of dog rawlie rose was a lab, apparently we got the “More” part of labs and more rescue. (haha) Anyway we could never bring her around other dogs,  she DID not like them what so ever. She was completely fine with humans though. Fast forward a bit Rawlie started having really bad allergic reactions(super itchy) and she would eat her food in a split second as if she was starving every time we put food down. We took her to a dermatologist and spent a ton of money to learn to find out they thought she had a chicken allergy. Well every time Rawlie would go poop it would be in liquid form, we were literally living a nightmare, we had to give her pumpkin mixed in with her expensive  medical grade can food we had to get through vet.- Fast forward a bit and we had been through 2 trainers already and were left very exhausted mentally and physically. From the aggression shown with other dogs and her medical problems with her stomach and food we were so exhausted and at our last straw. My friend reached out and told us about Leo, and than our world flipped upside down when I called him and was SHOCKED.


Fast forward a week later and we were standing in Leo’s awesome compound filled with dogs and lots of land to run and play! My husband and I were very anxious but excited and eager to learn. We gave Leo the back story and he told us he could help. (we were thinking of course thats what the last 2 trainers told us) By the end of the session Rawlie was 100 percent completely tuned into Leo and almost kinda forgot about Jon and I. That was a bit hard to handle because Rawlie was my baby, and all of a sudden she was listening to some stranger and didn’t even look at us.


Leo began telling us we had a lot of work to do, and by we I mean my husband and I. That first session I learned that I depend on Rawlie way to much, I smothered her with too much love, too many kisses, to many cuddles and let her carry my stress or whatever I was going through. Leo made it clear Rawlie Rose needed a LEADER. and at that point we left Rawlie with Leo for doggie boot camp. We were told it could take anywhere from 4-7 weeks… I cried the whole way home and i kept thinking about everything i’ve been doing wrong. Leo reads you the second you get out of the car and hes spot on. It was crazy.


So for the next few weeks we got updates from Leo, and lots of pictures. She looked surprisingly happy and was doing well and learning a lot.


Leo requested us to send her over dry food because at the time we sent him a million wet food cans  dog food $$expensive cans and then the organic pumpkin we had to add to her food everyday am/pm.
I immediately had a bit of a panic attack because in my head im like No you feed her what we gave you, we spent lots of money on that food but he asked us if he could experiment with her food a little bit. We agreed and I was extremely nervous. Leo started feeding Rawlie what he was feeding all of the other dogs, some dry food from costco. He told us over emails that she was eating just fine and no itchiness and no diarrhea. we were in total disbelief! Did he really just fix all of her stomach issues?!


We went to go see her one weekend to get trained with her and talk to Leo. I was so excited and nervous to see her. When I did she of course remembered who her mommy was but was a completely different dog! We were in utter SHOCK. She was completely in tune with Leo, did everything he said and with pride and CONFIDENCE! This was a new dog, this wasnt a nervous dog anymore. This was a dog who was playing fine with the other dogs, no problems just apart of the pack. I literally could not believe it. We watched her eat her dry food, she took her time, she left some in the bowl (that never would happen she would eat everything in under a minute). We were honestly just like what did you do to this dog. Oh and her poop was formed and PERFECT. This dog was changed inside and out.