Leonard is truly a lifesaver! We were at a low point with our much loved dog and considering whether we might have to give Wolfgang away, or worse, put him down. We were unable to bathe, muzzle, or take him to the vet, without the fear that our dog would snarl, snap or bite someone…Ourselves included. We couldn’t be anywhere near his food dish without the same fear of being attacked. Wolfgang was a terrific dog with big aggression issues and the sad truth is that we were afraid of him. As a younger dog, Wolf had been to a “doggie boot camp” where he learned some basic command skills, but which did not address the underlying aggression. His aggression only grew worse. Not wanting to give up, we did some research and came across the Dominant Dogs website.


During our initial consultation, Leonard analyzed Wolfgang, as well as the way we, as a family, interacted with him. Satisfied that he could help, we left Wolfie in Leonard’s capable hands. Several weeks and many intensive training sessions later, Wolfgang was ready to come home.


What a profound difference! Wolfgang is visibly a much happier, healthier and respectful dog. Leonard’s training sessions helped us understand how to effectively work with our dog (Yes, WE required as much or more training than the dog!) and how to build a healthy, respectful relationship with Wolfgang. I can’t recommend Leonard and his training highly enough.