Montana is our 5 year old Bullmastiff who has been aggressive towards other dogs and random people. We’ve taken her to several trainers and Leonard was our last resort following an incident with another dog. To further complicate matters, we just had a baby and were extremely nervous about her being around the baby. I always hesitate to even take her for a walk down the street for fear of running into another dog & not being able to control her.
We took Montana to boot camp at Leonard’s ranch for several weeks. I learned that our large dog is very fearful and socially awkward. It was truly amazing to see her calm, relaxed, actually having fun & not trying to eat the other dogs in the pack at Leonard’s ranch!
Another Mastif Rehabilitated at Dominant Dog Psychology Center!
As part of our final training when we picked her up, Leonard took us through the “gauntlet” – a neighborhood that is packed full of dogs behind metal fences. .. and as you walk by, they all bark & lunge at the fence. We even had the baby in the stroller though all of this mayhem. My worst nightmare!
Leonard had me walk Montana through the gauntlet for what seemed like hours. He even had us approach several fences head on and I made Montana stand there with me until she was calm & relaxed.
She’s been back with Leonard a couple of times now & it’s good to see how she falls right back into line with him. I now know that it is possible for her to behave properly out in the real world with other dogs, she just needs us to continue working with her and assure her that we are trust-worthy pack leaders so she doesn’t need to worry about it.
And, while I always err on the side of caution & keep a watchful eye on the dog with the baby, I’m happy to report that Montana is very gentle and calm with our 1-year old son. (see picture)


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,