Hello Leonard,


How can start, I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you! It was either you or the shelter because we simply could not control our dog. We had tried different training strategies but nothing helped. I even tried getting in touch with Cesar Millan, but obviously couldn’t, and everyone else from family and friends to rescue organizations would not accept him due to his aggression. He barked at anything and everyone, he wouldn’t allow anyone to come into our home or leave for that matter. He would just bark bark bark and even bit two of our friends. Having two kids just added to the worry of thinking that Coconut could and would bite them. Those two training sessions we all had (my husband, my self, and coconut) were truly amazing. We couldn’t believe of our eyes. What we had tried to accomplish in these past 7 years with coconut, you did it within the first 20 minutes. All we could talk about on the way home was about you and your wonderful techniques and how much we looked forward to bringing coconut back for his second training/grooming session. Obviously all three of us need more consistency training but so far we have been moving forward and each day he has been improving. I was finally able to take coconut for a walk and not have to worry that he was going to start barking like crazy or walking in front of me. His test came when my parents came over. He would cry and jump and bark to get their attention but this time….he DIDN’T. My parents couldn’t believe it. They asked if we had brought home another dog instead of coconut. Wow, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your time, and your love for animals with us. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.!!!!


And he is great! He was able to get Coconut to obey, not bark at other people, and pretty much surrender to him withing 20 minutes. We couldn’t believe it. He even helped us and taught us how to groom coconut correctly and better yet, we were able to cut his nails! We have continued enforcing his techniques at home and I can honestly say that Coconut has made a 40 % improvement. He still needs some work (after all we have only gone twice) but boy has he changed.


Also, I would definitely recommend Leonard to you and anyone else. He is awesome!!! If you ever need a trainer, boot camp, or boarding he is your guy. I would even say better than Cesar Millan. This guy is actually accessible, very professional, really nice and is soooo great with animals and yes us humans too. We have learned a lot from him. Specially to not view coconut as one of our kids but as what he is a dog, a pet, a man’s best friend.


Luis & Coconut