We found Leonard when we were at our wit’s end. Our younger Springer Spaniel was bullying our older dog and basically running the house. Henry had been to multiple trainers and spent over a month with another trainer at “boot camp” which just seemed to make his aggression worse. He was very obedient but still managed to growl and snap while following commands. Our older dog was constantly hiding from him and our house was not a calm place to be. We brought Henry to Leonard and he explained that the obedience was making him worse. Lucky for us he agreed to take Henry for Dominant Dogs boot camp and convinced us that it would be beneficial to also send our older dog Watson. He also sent us home with some things to think about in terms of having to change our behaviors which were initially hard to hear.


Watson and Henry spent 5 weeks with Leonard before he decided they were ready to come home. It was hard to be away from them for so long but we also got to spend 5 weeks not being stressed out and got to remember what it was like to travel and enjoy ourselves. Leonard made it very clear that our behavior would need to change as well in order to see a change in the dogs. We thought we had made some big changes in our attitudes while the dogs were gone but we spent two weeks with them back home being worried that we were doing everything wrong and not actually BEING THERE for our dogs. Leonard encouraged us and boosted our confidence as well as working with all of us some more on our behaviors and body language. We became less worried about adhering to this “timeline” idea that we had and just learned to be present with our dogs. Suddenly this past week something just “clicked” and we have developed a great relationship with both Watson and Henry. Thanks to Leonard teaching us to read their body language, to really be present, and to administer the appropriate corrections, our dogs respect us and we don’t spend every second worrying about their behavior or having to cater to them. The dogs are definitely much more relaxed and in tune to us as well.


It is such a relief to finally have a good relationship with both of our dogs and to completely enjoy their company. Every day is a new day but Leonard taught us to stay grounded and live in the moment with our dogs. We now have the tools to correct their behavior if need be because we are in control of their environment and they look to us as the leaders.


Thank you Leonard and Dominant Dogs for giving us a happier life back!