Yesterday my boyfriend and I took our small 1.5 year old Maltipoo to have a consultation with Leonard. We wanted to deal with Wally’s people aggression and barking, mainly. The training began immediately. I quickly learned that we were doing things very wrong. Obedience and training are 2 very different concepts. We had learned obedience from 1 “trainer” prior. We were treating our dog like a spoiled human, and he was getting everything he wanted on his own terms. He doesn’t respect us. Yes aggression and barking are issues, but the bigger issue is how we as owners behave, respond, praise, and correct(or not correct) Wally. Leonard pointed out that Wally could sense my emotions without even being next to me, and his behavior subtly showed that.  In the time we spent with Leonard during the consultation(he spent almost 2 hours with us), we received a lot of information, methods, tips, and rules. I was very fascinated with how quickly Leonard was able to make an impression on us and on Wally. I knew before the time was up that this was our guy, without a doubt. Leonard has amazing intuition, and is very experienced with not only dogs but people too. Leonard agreed to work with us, and offered to start today. (Not at all pushing us or selling to us) Considering the 2 hours of driving time we had just spent, we decided it was best to leave Wally right then and there for his Boot Camp to begin (anywhere between 3-7 weeks long).


The major awakening moments happened once we were back home. I quickly realized how every little sound that Wally would normally bark at, was giving me a rush of anxiety. My emotions are obviously one of the big contributions to Wally’s behavior. Leonard called me later that evening checking up on me, and also emailed me at 2am to let me know that Wally was currently sleeping quietly. I look forward to the next few weeks of improvement and updates.