Testimonial, French Bull


I am the French bulldog second on the left.


We decided to take our 5 ½ year old French bulldog to Leonard Ludovico after years of trying to stop his aggressive behavior towards our other dog by ourselves. The last straw for us was when he attacked our other dog and caused him to have 8 stitches.
Before taking Norman (our frenchie) to Leonard we were constantly on edge because he would attack our other dog for no reason what so ever.
Not only did Leonard spend a month rehabilitating our dog he also spent 8 hours working with us, teaching us to read our dogs body language so that we were able to stop a fight before it ever started.


Norman has been home for 3 weeks now. He used to attack our other dog several times a week and I am so happy to report that we have not had one issue since he has been home. We work with him every day on the commands that Leonard taught us and now our entire home has a much calmer feel to it.


We highly recommend Leonard to anyone that is having behavioral issues with their dog. If you decide to work with Leonard make sure that you go into it with an open mind and a willingness to change some of your own behaviors. We can’t expect our dogs to change if we are not willing too.


It was the best money that we ever spent! Leonard we can’t thank you enough for your help.




Thank you Leonard Ludovico from (dominantdogs.com) for all your help, 5-2 -2011


Michelle and Mia