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I would like to start with a simple thank you. I am so appreciative of your help. I knew after talking with you on the phone and then meeting with you for a consultation that your boot camp was what Carly needed. Not just for her mental state of mind but also for our home life.


From the day we got her as puppy she hated being crated. She would endlessly yelp and yelp away in it and would keep trying to get out of it. As she matured, I let her out of the crate when we were not home. She was not at all destructive or naughty in our home, but in hindsight, she had free range to do what she wanted. She had become a little guard dog of our home and backyard. She was also becoming very protective of me. If someone came near me or tried to hug me, she would growl and lunge at them. Her high prey drive was not so easily controllable. On walks, she could be so good and then so unpredictable. She would bark and lunge at random cars/motorcycles/birds. I had a repairman over one day, and she was completely out of control barking at him. I knew something needed to change. I was completely frustrated. I never knew what “version” of Carly was going to show up. She could be so sweet and then just nasty. I had worked with a trainer, I was using treats and a shaker can with intermittent success in an attempt to get her to do what I wanted. All the while wishing my voice alone would work. I had to make a change.


We left her with you for your boot camp with comfort knowing it was in her best interest. I know she was not easy to rehabilitate. I appreciated every picture, every email both good and not so good, you checking in on her in the wee hours of the night, and you taking the time to chat with me when I was concerned she was not going to get there.


After six weeks, we showed up to work with you and Carly. The videos I shared with you from that day say it all…..unbelievable the transformation with tears streaming down my face. The fact that I was walking with her by my side with no leash and she was listening to me will stay with me forever. However, and most importantly, she had a calm, happy demeanor. Simply life changing for her and for me.


With your help, I now recognize how I contributed to Carly’s not so good prior behavior/temperament in our home . You showed me how to properly handle her with a calm assertiveness. I appreciated your straightforwardness.


Carly has been doing good since we brought her home. I was a tad nervous that first day as I did not want to mess up such a good thing. However, that soon turned into a confident I can so do this feeling. She is seeing me in a different light. She is calm and with a much more even keel temperament. Yes, she has attempted and done some of her old behaviors. However, I am able to give her a correction and she has listened to me. I have handled her in a calm relaxed manner. I have a ton more confidence in dealing with her! Our e collar just arrived and can see where this will be able to further help us with her.


You and I had a conversation about my angst in doing this writing for you. I wanted to just “talk” through it with you. You told me I would see things better if I wrote them down and you were right. Thank you for helping me realize that I do not need to be such a private person. I had nothing to hide. I was coming from a mindset that people did not need to know my business. I am thankful you pushed me out of my comfort zone. You also helped me see that I don’t have all the answers and that asking for and getting help are ok. This entire process is about a whole lot more that just Carly going to boot camp. It has also been a personal learning experience about this thing called life. I did not anticipate that. There is a reason you were brought into my life and I am so blessed and thankful for it. It has changed me for the better.


I hope this note provides some insight and/or helps out some one else. I will in a small way have paid it forward.


At the very beginning of this whole process, I told you I would probably tell you thank you a million times, I started this note and will finish it with another one….thank you!