Our dog, Sophie, is a 4-year-old lab that has aggression issues towards other dogs when being walked on a leash. We got her when she was almost 2 years old and for the past year and a half we had been trying to work out her issues on our own. When it came to the point of almost deciding to get her a new home or worse, I found Leonard’s web site and we decided to get some professional help, we are very happy that we made that decision. After meeting with Leonard we decide to do the eight-hour training. Leonard also showed us how to train her to stay and come on command; we are still working on this but making a lot of progress. Mary was always uncomfortable walking Sophie but now feels she has the skills to keep control of her. We feel Leonard gave us a bit above and beyond and we do appreciate the extra effort. Our exercise time has become more pleasurable and we look forward to our next road trip with the special member of our family, our Sophie. We are retired and do spend a lot of the year RVing about the United States and Sophie is a wonderful companion.


We found that the facility is quite comfortable for our dog and us. We also discovered that much of the problem was in the way we were relating to Sophie. On the first day of training we learned how to get our dog to behave and respect our space when in the house. She was also walking through a park with a pack of dogs on leash and not getting into her “aggression” mode. Learning how to read dog body language is a great help in correcting Sophie before she has a chance to get herself into trouble and identifying a potential problem with other dogs. Learning the proper methods of correcting her has enabled us to communicate without confusing our dog and making the aggression issues worse.


Mike and Mary


Torrance, CA