Hi Leonard,

We are writing you to let you know how much we appreciate the time and energy you gave to us and our dog, Chloe. Although it was difficult for us to leave her with you for several weeks straight, it was well worth it.


Before we initially brought her to you, she was extremely fearful of people, noises and unfamiliar surroundings. She did not get along with certain dogs. and she didn’t know how to play nicely because she is so big.


We got her as a new puppy and knew she had not been abused in any way.
Oftentimes, she would freak out and try to run away from the sound of a mailbox being slammed shut.


Being such a large breed, it was difficult for us to understand why she behaved this way.
After you spent time working with her and helping her to relax, she is a much calmer and happier dog.Also, you have given us insight into some of the ways our dog communicates to us and others with her body language and facial expressions.


It has taught us a great deal and helped us to understand how to gain our dog’s respect and trust.


We will be consistently practicing all the lessons and will continue building her confidence and trust.


She is very respectful and listens to every word and command.


Chloe is more enjoyable to have around and we thank you for your help with getting us there!


Mike & Renee