Lou Lou Belle is a Havanese/Tibetan Terrier mix. She is now 4 years old.I was told by her rescuer that she had been abused. For the two years I’ve had her, Lou Lou Belle and she’s bitten me several times,a friend of  mine 3 times and the last straw was when she bit the 8 year old daughter of my friend.   Three other trainers had tried to fix Lou Lou Belle’s fear/aggression issues, but they did not solve her problem.Part of the reason was because I was not consistent with what they told me to do with her and the biggest part of the problem was that I was treating Lou Lou Belle as my child and not as a dog. Lou Lou Belle was controlling me as opposed to me controlling her. She had become a spoiled child. I was desperate. I looked at Cesar Milan’s website but there is no way to even contact him. The next one I saw was Dominant Dogs, Leonard Ludovico’s website. I asked my friend to contact him and my friend did and called me and said he thought Leonard was the person to help me with Lou Lou Belle. I spoke with Leonard and I too felt the same way. He was very direct and honest and he told me he was certain he would be able to rehabilitate Lou Lou Belle. But at that moment, I was willing to go through it because I love Lou Lou Belle very much. We took Lou Lou Belle to Leonard’s boot camp and when we arrived, it took Leonard about 15 minutes before he calmed Lou Lou Belle down. For all that time, she tried to bite him, but he demonstrated that he knew what to do and right away he took control of her. We were amazed! He gave me some training that day too. With tears in my eyes, we left Lou Lou Belle with Leonard with confidence that she was going to be a different dog.


I called Leonard from time to time to check up on Lou Lou Belle and he said she was improving. He posted pictures of her in his facebook which helped me a lot.


I left Lou Lou Belle with him for almost a month. I saw her for the first time last Saturday,November 26, and what a change. met Leonard and Lou Lou Belle at Lowe’s where we walked around and he trained me to be mindful at all times about the people and what to watch out for. The most important thing he thought me that day was to never put Lou Lou Belle in a predicament where she would have to make the decision. She needs to feel confident that I am in control.


I went back to Leonard’s place Sunday and Monday for more training. He is very good at what he does and very patient.  He not only helped Lou Lou Belle but also helped me gain more confidence. Lou Lou Belle is a different dog and I know for sure that this would not have happened if not for Leonard.I thank God for Leonard because if not for him, I would always be fearful and I would not be able to have a normal relationship with Lou Lou Belle.


I picked up Lou Lou Belle yesterday, Tuesday, and brought her directly to the groomer, who noticed the change in Lou Lou Belle.Before when I used to take her to to him to be groomed, she would try to bite him.  He said yesterday, she did not do that and was very calm and submissive the whole time.When I took her home, everyone could feel the difference in Lou Lou Belle.


Leonard has been following up to see how it’s been so far.  For the next 3 weeks we will be in touch with Leonard and will be seeing him next week so he can evaluate how things are and my training will be ongoing. I believe that I really need the training more than Lou Lou Belle so that I will be in control and not Lou Lou Belle and Leonard is good at that too.


Monette Delfin West Los Angeles, CA


Thank you Leonard. I love this picture because Lou Lou Belle seems so at home with your dogs. I know I thank you already but I want to thank you again for the change you have brought to Lou Lou Belle. She has been so good.  Thank you for teaching me to have confidence in myself which has helped her a lot.


Boarding Update on Lou Lou Belle


This is a follow-up progress regarding Lou Lou Belle (Havanese/Tibetan Terrier mix), who Leonard worked with last November 2011. I had Lou Lou Belle for December and then I boarded her with Leonard for a month to go home to Manila, Philippines. When I came back in February, Lou Lou Belle was still a lot calmer than when I picked her up in November.


Leaving her with Leonard strengthened the training that he had done originally. I must say that now, she is 99% a changed dog. She used to be pretty aggressive to other dogs that we met while walking, now she ignores them and just keeps walking.  Everyone that sees her remarks about how mellow she is. She is less hard headed, comes when I call her and looks up to me as her dominant dog. I cannot say enough about how well Leonard worked on her to change her from a biting dog to a mellow sweet dog. HE IS THE BEST!


West Los Angeles, CA


Follow Up on Lou Lou Belle’s Life.


This is to update Lou Lou Belle’s story to tell you that I still believe that how Lou Lou Belle is now is because of the foundation training we (yes, me too) got from Leonard. I honestly and truly believe that the behavior change that Leonard instilled in Lou Lou Belle has resulted in a miracle dog – from an aggressive willful dog to a tamer, more obedient sweet and loving dog. This November, it will be a year since I took Lou Lou Belle to Leonard. Her progress is remarkable.


Lou Lou Belle and I have been agility training for over a year now and about 6 months ago, I decided to enter agility competitions sponsored by AKC, USDAA and CPE. I am very proud to say that Lou Lou Belle has been winning Qualifying Ribbons (the green ones) which are the ones that count so that we can move up to the more advanced levels and at the same time winning 1st and 2nd place ribbons (blue and red ribbons). See picture of her and her ribbons. When we are at these competitions, there usually are about 200 or more dogs and twice as many people. I am so proud to say that Lou Lou Belle is so well behaved. She does not normally socialize with other dogs but she also is not aggressive to other dogs and to the people who walk back and forth in front of her. She just lays quietly either in her crate or outside her crate. It is just such a sight it see and I am always thankful to God for this.


Last week I took her with me to Houston to the Nutcracker Gift Show (Houston Ballet sponsors this show to raise money for their ballet) to help out my brother and sister-in-law in their booth. About 30,000 people went to the show. There must have been about 200 booths selling all different items from Christmas decorations to home decorations. Probably, about 10,000 people came to our booth to look and to buy. Lou Lou Belle was mostly laying down on one of the chairs in the booth quiet as a mouse. Most times people did not even see her but those people that did all were amazed at how well behaved she was and a lot of them wanted to pet her. Just to be sure, I would give them treats to give her and after she took the treats from them, they petted her and she let them without any signs of aggression. Sometimes she even performed her tricks – she danced, shook hands, and gave high fives. It was amazing to experience this. I have been so blessed that I found Leonard who was able to change Lou Lou Belle from an aggressive dog to a sweet dog who brings delight to so many people.


Thanks again Leonard for changing Lou Lou Belle. I love her so much!!!