Mongo the Pit bull Was on the dog whisperer show was Cesar Milan.


We brought our dog, Mongo, to Leonard because of dog aggression and separation anxiety issues. If we saw other dogs out while walking him, we would turn the other way, or cross the street to the other side. Leaving our home was a process that involved closing all the doors in the house, and hiding the trashcans in the bathroom. Mongo would still chew doors and doorframes while we were gone. If we left the trashcans under the sink, he would pull them out and tear through the trash. We would have to plan our departures with an extra 15 minutes each time to ‘Mongo-ize the house’.


Mongo was on the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan and while this helped immensely, we still had significant issues. We contacted Leonard after a recommendation from a friend. Leonard agreed to take Mongo for Boot Camp. Leonard sent pictures every few days, along with phone calls updating us with Mongo’s progress and the strategies Leonard was applying to Mongo’s rehabilitation.
Pictures began arriving of Mongo playing with other dogs, and Leonard told us of Mongo’s daily improvements, as he became crate trained. When we went to our training session two weeks later, We were shocked at the transformation. Mongo was relaxed, able to sit still and was hanging out with other dogs like it was no big deal! It was an incredible relief to see this, and we felt like there was finally hope for Mongo to continue this behavior with Leonard’s promise to us for continued assistance.
Mongo came home 2 weeks later, and Leonard sent us on our way with instructions to call him with any questions if problems should arise. We did call numerous times that first week, and Leonard gave us spot on advice and continued to encourage us to call with questions or concerns.
We met with Leonard three more times, and each time, my wife and I became a bit more confident in our abilities to read Mongo’s body language and with Leonard’s coaching, much quicker at recognizing a potentially difficult situation in order to correct it prior to occurring.
We are still working with Mongo, and he continues to improve. Even now, almost three months later we have questions for Leonard and he responds very quickly with advice that leads us in the right direction. Leonard instructed us to call him at least once a week, and when I don’t do that we get an email or phone call from Leonard checking in to see how things are going. While his delivery is very straightforward, he has an uncanny ability to connect with his dogs and customize his training strategies based on each specific dog. He put a ton of hours into Mongo’s training and it showed!