If you’ve ever watched the Dog Whisperer on TV, you will immediately notice the similarities between Ceasr Milan and Leonard. Leonard is just like Cesar, only taller, and he doesn’t have an accent or a pit bull. What he does have is an uncanny ability to sum up dogs (and people) and he gets results. We took our dog, who has been subjected to five years of our well-intended, but nevertheless incompetent rearing, to Leonard. Ours is a fearful dog whose fear sometimes manifests itself as aggression, and it showed, but Leonard got her under control immediately. In fact, within minutes of arriving at Leonard’s place, he told us that our dog was his now. And she was. Just like that. That’s because she respected Leonard because of the way he treated her and she did not respect us for the same reason. It was amazing. Now we realize that if we can change the way we treat our dog, she will change as well and, of course, we feel like morons.We had never taken our dog to a trainer (and Leonard is not a trainer), but I had written to a “no-kill rescue center” for this particular breed and the head of that center responded and told me that she and her husband had put up with a dog just like ours for 17 years and she said that, unfortunately, there was nothing we could do. She told me my options were to either put the dog down or to put up with her unacceptable behavior for the rest of her life. Some “no kill” rescue center.


Unwilling to accept her mandate, we continued looking for help and I even wrote to Cesar Milan, who never responded and I guess that’s understandable because he has a successful show and I’m sure he gets a lot of email.


Then my son found Leonard on the internet and Leonard responded immediately. We feel fortunate to have found him and we are going to try very hard to follow his advice.


I’m not going to say it’s an entirely pleasant experience, because it is utterly humbling and you should prepare yourself for that, but it is definitely worthwhile and I would highly recommend Leonard to anyone who has a problem with their dog. You will not leave his place any dumber than you arrived and neither will your dog.