To start off, Leonard Ludovico is a life saver.


I rescued Tank,the pit bull when he was about 3 months old. He was a great dog and a faithful companion and loved playing with other dogs until his first birthday.Then I started to see problems; major problems with aggression. Before I knew it, he had bitten two people and wanted to attack every dog in sight.


I had to do something and fast. I started taking him to training classes and needless to say he gained 7 lbs due to treats and still wouldn’t listen to me. I needed an alternative and felt like I was running out of time.


I happened to come across Leonard Ludovico’s website Dominant and was sold. I gave him a call and the rest is history. No, I’m kidding, it was not as easy as that. We went for our first visit and within minutes he was listening to every word Leonard said, and walking calmly off leash.


Tank was already a new dog, the whole family could see it. We decided it was best that Tank go to Doggie Boot Camp for a few weeks.


We came back for our part of the training two weeks later and Tank was playing with the other dogs, calm, and not trying to bite any of them. Tank even got to meet one of Leonard’s dogs he had never meet before, a little miniature pincher and was a respectful and very well behaved dog. Before we left for the day, Tank met the dog he was going to help rehabilitate and did not growl, bark, or try and eat him.


A couple days later Leonard invited me to take Tank on an off leash hike for more training and to meet more dogs. This was an unforgettable experience. Once I calmed down, Tank was walking behind me following my every move. Before I knew it, the next day, we went for another walk with tons of dogs barking behind fences. Tank performed swimmingly.


Within a few days, at my final training, Tank was able to come home. Tank settled in nicely. The atmosphere at home is calm and comfortable. Tank is a whole new, very enjoyable dog.


It has now been a month and Tank is doing great. I have learned a lot about a dog’s body language as well as mine and what that communicates. Tank as well as any other dog needs consistency, stability, clarity, and leadership. It takes a lot of work on my part but I believe that any work is well worth the well behaved dog I have now. I highly recommend Leonard to any one that has a dog with behavioral problems and/or aggression. I am very grateful Tank’s life was saved.


I firmly believe you get the dog you need. I have learned a lot about my own life and I am sure it was not a coincidence.


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,


Irvine, CA