We were having a number of problems with our puppy Leo, play biting, food aggression, wouldn’t come when called, wouldn’t release toys, acting aggressively towards us, to name a few. We realized we needed to seek professional help, not just your ordinary obedience classes where your dog learns to sit and stay.
After doing some online research of several dog trainers in the area, we chose Leonard Ludovico with Dominant Dogs. One of the reasons was his 100% positive feedback of his clients, the other that he doesn’t offer a time-restricted training. He will keep your dog as long as it takes to rehabilitate it, he told us it could be anytime between 3 weeks to 4 months, or longer, depending on when the dog is ready. There is no one plan, every dog is different.
We went to meet with Leonard at his place in La Cresta. He asked a lot of questions to learn about our relationship with our dog. He then asked to meet our dog Leo. Without many words he instantly had a connection with Leo, it was pretty amazing to watch. He got him to jump on a table and had him stay there while we continued talking. He had Leo walk in and out a crate, something Leo hadn’t done willingly for us before.
Leonard agreed to keep our dog Leo for doggie boot camp. He asked not to call or email for updates, but rather wait for him to contact us. It was hard to leave our puppy, but we felt we were doing the right thing and leaving him in good hands. As promised Leonard sent updates, progress, videos and photos.
Leonard is straight to the point, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything, he will tell you exactly what he thinks about your dog’s behavior and your relationship with your dog and what changes you need to work on. He might seem tough at times, but we appreciated his direct approach, because you never have to second guess what he is trying to say.
Our dog Leo stayed 8 weeks with Leonard, after which we came back to his place for some individual training. We brought Leo home, with a lot of homework for the next few weeks. Leo is doing amazing, and we are working hard to follow Leonard’s advice to bring out the amazing and perfect dog Leo is.
If you have a dog, who acts fearful or aggressive, contact Leonard at Dominant Dogs, he will help your dog and you too!!