We honestly didn’t know what to think when we drove up to Leonard’s ranch that first day. I assumed that we would have some sort of consultation, a human-to-human dialogue about the issues our dog was having with a logical plan of action to follow-up. I could not have been more wrong or less pleased. As soon as we got out of the car with Clyde the work started. With-in a couple of hours we got a full dose of the Leonard in action. He was able to pin point most of the problems immediately – and honestly those problems were behaviors that were more our issues then Clyde’s. Clyde started to respond to commands almost immediately by just focusing on simple adjustments to our body language and behavior when we engaged with him. It was then, in that first meeting that I realized that transformation was occurring not only for Clyde, but for us too.


It was clear that Clyde needed some serious Leonard love, so we agreed to leave him at the ranch until he was ready to come home. After 3 weeks, Clyde came back a confident and strong dog, who was ready to assimilate back into our home… and Leonard was there for us every step of the way. Leonard’s approach is sharp and on point – but done with love and care. He is most concerned for the animal’s health, happiness and safety. I believe that this happens when we human’s start to recognize the subtle signs that our animals give us when they are stressed or happy, angry or sick and how to respond to those signals appropriately. It takes a little time, but the results are worth it.


We are forever grateful for Leonard’s commitment and support with Clyde.


With Love, Nicole and Rose