The amazing part of the consultation/training session was how quickly Leonard was able to read my two dogs’ body language and diagnose exactly what was going on. What was super cool was he then, was able to read my body language very intuitively. This cut through a lot of preliminary dog training information that other places had given us. Leonard seemed like he already knew what the issue was, what my part of it was, and how to fix it. I was very surprised how quickly he picked up on my anxiety. He was able to calm me down and calm my dogs down. I didn’t realize how much my anxiety was affecting my dogs and their behavior. What he really took off my plate, was feeling responsible for my dogs’ actions. He showed me how to be with my dog, in a calm, assertive manner and how to communicate with my dog without using words. That’s because our dogs are animal, animals in the pack don’t talk, and they use body language and energy to control the pack. One of the things I loved the most about the training session was how he taught me was how to communicate with both my dogs, without using words. One of my dogs is a French bulldog that gets very aggressive in the car and won’t stay in the car. And my other dog is a Pit bull mix, but more passive than the bulldog. The interesting part in this whole training session is that I had sent Leonard pictures of both dogs. My original concern was about the French bulldog. I had no concerns about the Pittbull’s behavior. Leonard was able to tell me about the Pitbull’s fear and insecurity, and the problems we were experiencing with the two dogs just from the picture I sent. The dogs were getting in fights and I was worried the Pit bull would hurt the bulldog. But the truth is, the French bulldog is more aggressive and trying to hurt the Pit. At home, the dogs bark non-stop, and get aggressive with each other over food and treats. It had escalated to the point we couldn’t stand it anymore. Now we have two dogs, after our training session that are calmer and aren’t fighting. The French bulldog was even calm in the car! But we have decided to send both dogs to boot camp so that this calm behavior continues and my husband and me get properly trained. If this skilled dog behaviorist was able to accomplish so much in the 2-hour consultation, we just knew, it would definitely be worth it to send our dogs to bootcamp. After all, he was able to do it and show us how to do it. But he makes it look really easy, and it’s not easy. He looked like he owned the dogs in five minutes, and had them completely under control. I would have to say, it was so subtle and hard to see how the dogs trusted him immediately and bonded up with him. Keep in mind, these dogs haven’t seen Leonard before, or ever been around him. The training/consultation session was money well spent. Boot camp is going to be the best money we ever spent! We had started to give up hope of ever having a peaceful home life with these two dogs. Leonard gave us hope. We look forward to bootcamp and his extensive time and training that he will put into us too. What my husband and me experienced, is exactly what other owners said on Yelp that was so truthful and right. We concur with his wonderful reviews. This man is a master trainer and highly intuitive with both the owner and the dog. The great part is, he doesn’t focus on controlling the dog with basic dog training like “sit” “down” “stay”. Our dogs already had that and we still found out that we did not have good control over our dogs and they didn’t respect us, or listen to us. I wish we had found Leonard at Dominant Dogs sooner before going to 3 different trainers and wasting time and money. Thank you Leonard. You are a good man, and an outstanding dog trainer.