HI Leonard,


Thank you for giving us the skills & techniques to work with our 6 year old German Shepherd, Marley. After our very 1st meeting Marley was more calm & not pulling when walking him that very same night. In fact within the first 15 minutes with you, Marley went from disrespectful to a more respectful & calmer dog. We feel we have more control & are finally regaining our position as pack leaders.


Just after 2 sessions our friends & neighbors have even noticed how much calmer & respectful he is when they come to visit. He lays there nicely instead of going crazy when they walk in.


With Marley being an older dog, we know that it’s going to take some time & diligence on our part but at least we now have some hope. After being instructed to medicate the dog, see a neurologist, and have x-rays; we now realize that we didn’t need any of that because we just have a PITA dog that needs the discipline & guidance of a pack leader.


You were our last ditch effort before being forced to put him down & we’re so thankful we found you & that you were willing to work with ALL 3 of us.




Pete & Jill
Garden Grove, CA