The initial 2-hour session is comprised of a consultation, assessment, and hands-on training with you and your dog. You will begin to see dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior in the first session. The next four sessions are 1-hour each, where I will continue to work hands-on with you and your dog on the behaviors you are struggling with. This program is done in Santa Monica In these 4 sessions, we will assess your dog and put together a comprehensive approach/plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they be obedience and/or behavioral issues.

This package consists of 5 hours of training. The first session is 2 hours, and the remaining three sessions are an hour each for 4 consecutive weeks with you and your dog. This is for the benefit

of your dog. This is a custom designed program to meet your needs and goals. We work on one specific behavior issue at a time. This program covers any issues on the walk such as pulling, barking, reacting to other dogs. Also, I will address behavior problems, such as jumping, mouthing, nipping, being pushy, demanding or other disrespectful behaviors that you might be experiencing. I teach the dog to be calm and relaxed and in a state of mind where learning is easier. We work together on teaching your dog what is a proper way to behave so that you and your dog are on the same page for your mutual benefit and contentment. I will show you what needs to be done and answer your questions. You practice the training you learned during the session at home and come back. Then we work further on improving your communication with your dog. Keep in mind that more than 90% of this program is showing you how to work with your dog, and you do the training.  I show you the basics and the fundamentals and you work with your dog daily to get the results you want. Every dog is different just like every human is different and learn differently.  At the end of the day it is what works for you and makes your life easier. Dogs with any human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the One-on-One sessions. This is for the safety of everyone involved, and for the results we are looking for. The 5 Hour Private Session Package fees must be paid in full before the first training session. This program is once a week and must be used within four from the start of the program.  


(There are no refunds.)