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Two Weeks
Doggie Boot Camp

For dog training, basic manners, pulling on leash, jumping, barking.

Six Hour Private Training Package
4 sessions consisting of 1.5 hours each session

Basic dog training done differently

Three Weeks
Doggie Boot Camp Behavior Modification

For separation anxiety, barking and mild aggression.

Four Weeks
Elite Doggie Boot Camp

Rehabilitation for dogs with human aggression or dog-to-dog aggression. All the bells and whistles, Lifetime Training.


Separation Anxiety, Barking, Mild Aggression Behavior Modification Boot Camp is designed for dogs with mild behavior problems such as separation anxiety, fear and mild aggression. Leonard trains your dog personally. His consistent 24/7 round-the-clock calm, animal communicative engagement with your dog is essential to your dog’s well being, loving care and positive outcome. He trains your dog in a family environment and introduces your pet to the same situations he will face in your home. When your dog is ready to go home Leonard transfers the information, techniques, and strategies to you to ensure continued success; he works with owners to bring you on board after your dog has attended boot camp.


All the Bells and Whistles

Dog Boot Camp (4 weeks) is for Dogs with Dog Aggression, People Aggression, Fear and Separation Anxiety. This program is also for dogs that need more time to learn. Leonard doesn’t believe in pushing your dog to learn faster than the dog is ready – that’s why he spends so much time and patience with your dog. He takes your dog everywhere with him and is with your dog 24/7. It’s like having your own personal dog trainer and caregiver. Every dog is different and deserves to learn at their own pace. He focuses on everyday real life situations that you face with your dog on a daily basis. Your dog is integrated into our family, so that he or she can transition to being a good family member when s/he goes home. Leonard passes on all the tools to you that you need. Lifetime training included.

Three and Four Week Training Packages Include:

Five (5) hours of one-on-one training with Leonard, you and your dog for the smooth transfer of the training skills to you:

  • A private 2-hour training session in Santa Monica two weeks from when your dog started doggie boot camp;
  • Another private 2-hour training session in Santa Monica, when your dog is ready to go home, where Leonard will transfer all the information, techniques, and strategies to you to ensure continued success;
  • A 1-hour follow session up in Santa Monica, two weeks after your dog goes home.
  • Email and phone support during and after the program is completed.

Please note: The follow-up 1 hour session session in Santa Monica, takes place two weeks after your dog goes home, to ensure everything is going as planned and answer any questions

All package fees are due 50% when drop dog off and  balance due during first 1-hour training session with owner(s).
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