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Thank you for contacting me. Here are my programs and prices. If you have a specific question about signing up for one of the programs, you can email me. I look forward to working with you and your dog.


Cage Free (except at night and when driving for safety)—Your Dog Goes Everywhere with Me

Dog Aggression, Separation Anxiety or Fear

This program has all the bells and whistles. [MOST POPULAR]

If you’re interested in Doggie Boot Camp (due to the COVID-19 circumstances) you will email me a video, picture (or both) of your dog. It is not necessary for you to video the problem you are experiencing. Because I am a body language expert, I will be able to diagnose what is going on with your dog. Next step, you would set up an appointment for a 15-minute doggie boot camp before drop off, meet and greet to make sure it’s a good fit for you, your dog and me, so that we’re all on the same page. This is not a training session or a consultation, this is specifically for boot camp screening and drop off.

(Please click Doggie Boot Camp Meet and Greet-$500 blue box below) to hold the doggie boot camp slot) The $500 will be applied towards doggie boot camp. If you decide not to do boot camp then you would lose the $500 deposit.  

Dog Training Boot Camp is designed for dogs with behavior problems such as aggression, separation anxiety and fear, or dogs that just need good manners. I train your dog personally, coming from the animal’s point of view and am with your dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your dog is in my home, with me and my dogs, sleeps in the bedroom, and gets one-on-one personal training throughout the day and evening. Your pet is put in real life situations in a family environment filled with people and exposure to unique fun adventures. Throughout doggie boot camp, you will get pictures and videos of your dog via Dominant Dogs social media and on the DominantDogs YouTube Channel when your dog is ready.  I’ll provide the link, and you’ll feel like your dog has never left home.

I train from an animal perspective so that your dog is understood from his point of view. Many of the behavior problems and aggression issues come from misunderstanding the dog from his point of view.

Imagine communicating with your dog without using words, telepathically. It is my gift. Everything has a rhythm; and things can be off rhythm with humans and animals. That creates imbalance between dog and human which creates the issues you are experiencing.

So, the dogs I work with become highly intuitive to you. If you are experiencing anxiety or PTSD*, I train your dog how to help you through it. Almost every dog leaves boot camp, highly attuned to your mood and body language, almost like an ESA dog as a matter of course, organically. (To have a fully trained ESA dog, you would need more training time than this three week program).

When your dog is ready to go home, I spend a lot of time making sure the information is transferred to you to ensure continued success; I spend 4-6 hours with you doing one-on-on private training hours teaching you, to bring you on board. I give you the skills to communicate with your dog. Most of my clients experience a dramatic change within themselves while their dog is changing too. It’s beautiful to see.

I look forward to meeting you on the path of oneness with you and your dog.

50% of Doggie Boot Camp Package fee is due when dog is accepted into boot camp. The balance is due in two weeks at our get together session. 

(There are no refunds.)


DOGGIE BOOT CAMP – $3,500 TO $5,00 


I specialize in reading dog and human body language. And since both humans and dogs communicate 90% through body language this is the key to what makes my program different. Dogs can read human body language 2x more accurately than a three-year-old child and 4x better than even a chimpanzee.*

If you want real, long lasting change in your dog’s behavior, I will show you what your dog is communicating with his body language and what you are communicating to the dog with your body language and how to bring you back into sync. First, I work with the dog, using body language to communicate with him, providing consistency, structure and leadership. Then, I work with you and pair you up to a place of wonderful connectivity and communication.

I have been telepathically communicating with dogs since age 6. It is a gift. Some refer to me as a mentalist–a person who knows how people and animals are thinking. Someone with the ability to read minds, uses energy and psychological principles from body language reading, nonverbal communication, extrasensory perception and many psychological aspects together. As a trained and practicing hypnotherapist/hypnotist, I am able to use all of these skills to provide a unique experience for you and your dog.

It’s very hard to pick a dog trainer or animal behaviorist because they all sound the same and it’s hard to know who is gifted with animals, and who is just using clickers, treats, or bullying to get the behavioral changes needed. That being said this is why my program is different. Because I am different. Animal rehabilitation is a skill, a personal service and the service provider’s talent and skill is everything.

So, I look forward to meeting you and your dog on the path of discovery.

*Robert Hare and a team of researchers at Harvard University conducted an experiment: dogs were able to instantly interpret the human’s body language four times better than chimpanzee, and more than twice as well as the three-year-old’s – even if the human was a complete stranger. The question is what body language is your dog reading off of you? 

Follow me on the pathway to be one with yourself and others.


Training Sessions ( 2 hour each, for  4 consecutive weeks)
In these five sessions, we will assess your dog and put together a comprehensive approach/plan to work towards achieving your goals, whether they be obedience and/or behavioral issues.
Dogs with any human aggression, or serious dog aggression, are not eligible for the One-on-One sessions. This is for the safety of everyone involved, and for the results we are looking for.
Keep in mind that a lot of the 1/1 training work is going to be about 90% you, the dog owner, and 10% us, the dog trainer. We show you the basics and the fundamentals and you work with your dog daily to get the results you want.
This package consists of 5  hour) training sessions (total of four hours of training) for  4 consecutive weeks with you and your dog, This is a custom designed program to meet your needs and goals.
We work on one specific behavior issue once a week for 2 hours. I teach the dog to be calm and relaxed and in a state of mind where learning is easier. We work together on teaching your dog what is a proper way to behave so that you and your dog are are on the same page for your mutual benefit and contentment. I will show you what needs to be done and answer your questions. You practice the training you learned during the session at home and come back. Then we work further on improving your communication with your dog.
This program covers any issues on the walk such as pulling, barking, reacting to other dogs. Also, I will address behavior problems, such as jumping, mouthing, nipping, being pushy, demanding or other disrespectful behaviors that you might be experiencing.
My unique approach to dog training is geared towards improving your understanding of your dog’s body language and helping your dog understand your body language. In the animal world, communication is  non verbal. So too with working with your dog in this private training package. The goal is communication, respect, understanding, and balance.
I address the fundamental state of mind of your dog, rather than focusing on basic obedience (sit, down, stay.) I train you how to create a happy, healthy, balanced dog rather than creating a dog that simply knows a few obedience commands. For example, when dogs misbehave, many owners have the dog sit. The sit, doesn’t really address the fundamental reason for the anxious, agitated, fearful behavior your dog is demonstrating. I show you how to address what is really going on, underneath the dog’s unpleasant behavior. I bring the dog to a state of mind where understanding is easy. Then, I teach you how to work with your own dog.
Every dog is different just like every human is different and learn differently.  At the end of the day it is what works for you and makes your life easier. What I tell my clients is don’t put your dog in a predicament if you don’t have control of your dog.

Aggressive dog training Los Angeles, CA
Note: The  Three one-on-one private training sessions must be done once a week, for Two consecutive weeks. 2 hours per session (2 sessions).
The  5 Hour Private Session Package fees must be paid in full before the first training session.
(There are no refunds.)

Private Training  Session – 5 Hours – $1400


Due to the current social distancing situation, I have launched a special program for those experiencing shelter-in-place conditions, to live more peacefully with your dog. You may be observing more behavioral problems during this crisis. I am here to help. As one of the top dog trainers in the country, I have 25 years’ experience so you’re in good hands.

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your dog without using words? The focus of my training is to teach you how to read your dog’s body language and teach your dog, how to read your body language, so you’re both on the same page in a balanced energy place.

I will set THREE-One-hour video phone sessions with you and your dog, as follows:

  1. Initial virtual training session (phone/Skype/Facetime) includes getting to the root of the issue and understanding what you and your dog need. I will begin to teach you how to read your dog’s body language. It’s a very special feeling to learn how to be able to communicate with your dog non verbally.
  2. The second virtual session, we will see how you are progressing, give you additional tools that you will need to have to facilitate body language communication. Just like no two people are alike, no two dogs are the same or learn in the same way. You will leave the second session with a changed household for dog and owner.  
  3. For the last session, I want to make sure that you and your dog are in a comfortable place together, that your dog understands what you want from him, and you understand what your dog is trying to communicate to you. That your position as a leader has been established thereby reducing anxiety or stress. If additional trainings are needed, I will let you know in this session. 

These calls will take place once a week, spread out over three weeks.

Once you sign up for this program, you will email me one video and a few pictures of your dog before your virtual session on the issue you want to have me help you with. We work on one behavior at a time.

We want to keep you and your pet safe.

Thank you for reaching out to me. 

(There are no refunds.)

Virtual Private Training Session- 3 Hours – $575

VIRTUAL CONSULTATION – 1 Hour (Phone, Skype/FaceTime) – $250

$250 for a one hour phone consultation. If you want to get a better understanding of why your dog is doing what he’s doing. This is a one-time interaction, where you have a chance to get all your questions answered. For safety reasons, we are not fixing any behavioral issues. That would require enrollment in one of my other programs.


 (There are no refunds.)

VIRTUAL CONSULTATION (Phone, Skype/FaceTime) 250


For all dog lovers and their human companion, we want to keep you healthy and your pet safe.

We will get through this together.

Thank you for reaching out to me.  I am honored to help you and your dog on this journey.

Wellness for You and Your Dog…All in One. 

  Over 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders.   

If you are personally having problems with anxiety, PTSD, or are stressed out, I can help you. I am a licensed hypnotherapist/hypnotist.

Any therapy questions you can email me.

Follow me on the pathway. Be one with yourself and others.