If you want real, long lasting change in your dog’s behavior, I will show you what your dog is communicating with his body language and what you are communicating to the dog with your body language and how to bring you both back into balance.

First, I work with the dog, using animal communication and telepathy to help your dog understand what is expected of him and find out what is confusing him as well. Also, providing your dog with consistency, structure and leadership. Then, I work with you and pair you up to a place of wonderful connectivity and communication.

I have been telepathically communicating with dogs since age 6. It is a gift.

I am able to use all of these skills to provide a unique experience for you and your dog.

It’s very hard to pick a dog trainer or animal behaviorist because they all sound the same and it’s hard to know who is gifted with animals, and who is just using clickers, treats, or bullying to get the behavioral changes needed. That being said this is why my program is different. Because I am different. Animal rehabilitation is a skill, a personal service and the service provider’s talent and skill is everything.

So, I look forward to meeting you and your dog on the path of discovery.



$350 1 Hour Consultation Session  – 2 weeks Doggie Boot Camp for Good Manners

This program is for dogs that do not have fear, aggression or separation anxiety

$200- 1-hour Consultation – 6-Hours 4-weeks – E Collar Training Private Session.

First you schedule a 1-hour Consultation Session Appointment (this is not a training session, consultation only). I want to spend getting to know you and your dog, putting a plan together. You get to ask questions about your dog’s behavior and why s/he is acting the way they are. And to make sure your dog is a good fit for e-collar program.

No special discount on this program.

(Please click E-Collar Training $325 blue box below to hold the e-collar training space.)

100% of 4-Week E-Collar Training Package fee is due when your dog is accepted into e-collar training.

Leonard has been using remote control E Collar Dog training for more than 30 years. Through the years, he has found the e-collar dog training a very versatile tool to have in your bag when training dogs. Combining the e-collar dog training with his more traditional training methods, Leonard is able see positive results rather quickly and the majority of the time the collar is used at low levels. His focus is on working with the temperament and pace of each dog. He accomplishes this by reading the dog ‘s body language while also maintaining a true companion relationship. The goal is to put the least amount of stress on the dog, while at the same time let the dog be a dog that makes good decisions. There is not one “best” way to train your dog, the e-collar is an effective tool option that works well in certain circumstances and with certain dogs. The end goal is a happy well-behaved dog. I will teach you the proper way how to use the E collar.

This program has to be done once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, or you will lose any missed private training sessions. The E collar is not included in this program and client must purchase their own collar. I will guide you as to the best collar to purchase for your dog.

I pride myself on boutique-style, specialized, one-on-one training. By keeping the volume of dogs we work with limited, it enables me to devote more quality time and attention to your dog. This allows me to develop a unique game plan for each dog, and their particular needs, which of course equals the very best results possible.