Yesterday we had our first session. We have two dogs, Chief and Duke. Chief gets seperation anxiety and Duke doesnt like to listen and just do whatever he wants. Both dogs started showing small signs of aggression twds each other. All when we were around and especially with food/treats. As soon as we arrived the training began. We discussed, what we have done with them, our routines, methods to the training and just observed what our dogs were doing while we were all having a discussion. Duke seems to get annoyed really easily and we were told that if we didnt monitor and control both dogs, their aggression would increase. Chief likes a lot of attention so right away he started to be very whiney and move around a lot. Our immediate response has always been to give him attention and pet him. However, we learned that our dogs need to be controlled. Not controlled to their preference, but to ours. A simple command to stay on my left side was difficult because our dogs always wanted to do something different. Also, that is because we always let them even if it was small. So, right away we started to understand how we were part of their lack of obedience. After correcting their behavior it was clear that we have to be clear and consistant with our demands. We observed our dogs with other dogs and it was very interesting to learn their body language. We then turned to leashes and practiced controlling how our dogs on them. We were give good advice on how we need to control our dogs and ila lot of it was based off the type of personality of our dogs. Both are very different in how they act and interact with us. By the end of our one hour session, our dogs were listening to us a lot more. Overall it was a great first experience for all of us. The session was very detailed and the information is very useful. More useful than what you would get from your typical local corporate dog training sessions. I love that fact that I am getting to know my dogs and actually form stronger relationships. I look forward to our future sessions.


PS: It was nice that he was very military friendly. He could relate to a lot of things other people wouldnt have. Oh and he talks very fast so pay attention, take notes if you can and wear close toed shoes. Makes it hard to interact in flip flops.