Before Koa worked with Leonard he had complete control over me whenever I worked or played with him. He was not trustworthy when I would walk him and would always attempt to walk in front of me and go in whatever direction he wanted to. Whenever other dogs or other people were around, he would perk up his entire body and sometimes become very aggressive towards the other dogs or people. He would even try to jump on some people who were passing us when we walked. When I would play ball with him outside, he would always make me fight him for the ball because that was the kind of play he wanted to do. He would never drop the ball for me and he would often times jump on me whenever I tried to get it from him. Whenever I would come home from work or having been out of the house for a long period of time, Koa would always jump on me multiple times when I walked through the door. He also used to cry and bark if I was not downstairs giving him attention. Another difficult experience I always had with him was him jumping on the couches whenever I was alone with him in the downstairs room. He is not allowed on our couches and he would test me whenever he could if no one else was around because he knew I did not have control over him. Our biggest problem with Koa was when people would come into our house. He was not welcoming and would become very mean by barking and growling at them. We could never trust him when people came over and he almost never was allowed to be near anyone because of this.
Now that Koa has been back at our house for a couple weeks after having spent time with Leonard for six weeks, he seems to be a completely changed dog. He no longer barks or cries for my attention and I am able to walk him more confidently. Whenever we pass dogs or people on our walks his body language is alert but much calmer. He no longer tries to jump on people and he does not growl or bark at other dogs. Whenever his attention starts to drift away to something or someone else, I can easily get him refocused on me and our walk instead of the other object. He is also much better at staying close to my side instead of walking in front of me. However, if he does get in front of me at times, I am able to get him back to where he should be. We have also had a couple of people come into our home since Koa has been back. At first he still gets a little aggressive but we have control over him now and are able to put his aggression at ease. I learned a lot myself from going to the ranch and spending two days working with Leonard and Koa. These were the most important days for me so I could learn what corrections I need to make whenever I was working with him. Leonard really taught me how to understand what is going on with Koa and how he should be at all times. I am very pleased with the changes I see in Koa and I know that working with him is only going to make things better for both of us in the long run.


Koa is a 1 & ½ year old Border Collie x Australian Cattle Dog. He has been to puppy class, private training sessions, and in home training.
He was dog and people aggressive on walks, and when guests would come to our house, but not all the time. My husband and son started to have much better control of Koa by being calm, confident & consistent. However, I was beginning to realize that I would always ask my husband to be around when I was with Koa because he was now controlling me and this was not right.
Koa was never fully trustworthy with guests, there were some people he was fine with and others he displayed his aggressive side immediately, other times he would be fine and then change gears and suddenly he would try to nip at our guests.
I then found, the facility handled rehabilitation and boarding. I immediately called and spoke with Leonard and had a 45 minute conversation with about Koa. Three days later the family took Koa to the ranch in Murrieta where we met with Leonard for over 2 hours. When we left, we were all relieved that we had found someone to help us with Koa because he was getting worse not better.
During the entire time Koa was at the ranch, we received e-mail updates, videos, photos and phone calls as to Koa’s progress. We saw his progress on video where he went from dog aggressive at the ranch to playing with the pack there.
By week four we worked with Koa and Leonard at a public park with lots of activity, no aggression! Koa came home at week six. We went to the ranch and spent two days with Leonard and the pack. The drive home was effortless; he barked at every motorcycle passing our car on the drive to the ranch but was fine on the return trip home.
We learned that we need to be fully aware of the surroundings, watch his body language and respond before anything can happen. We must be in control of any situation we put the dog into whether it is on a walk or in the home, use the recommended tools and follow the instructions that Leonard provided to us during the training.
We checked in with Leonard on day 3 after being home and he was readily available and made some suggestions and recommendations. Koa has been home for just over a week, he has encountered a bicyclist, the mailman, trash trucks, UPS trucks, skateboarder, neighbors stopping to chat and dogs all the while he has not shown any aggression. We are following Leonard’s instructions and he is calming down nicely at home and is a much more relaxed dog.
Leonard continues to follow up with us on our progress and provides continued support and suggestions. We are so pleased with the program and follow up that Leonard offers is priceless.


Robin Limon & Family


Two months after he went home
am amazed as to how I am still seeing results from Koa’s rehabilitation, I have recognized so many subtle changes in him.
At first when we brought Koa home from the rehab, before I would leave for work, I would come downstairs and he would be excited, I would open the crate, place him on a small bench and then I would have to put the leash on him and walk him outside.
What I have noticed in the last month or so is that when I come down stairs he is either sleeping or sitting quietly in the crate, I open the crate, he calmly walks out, picks up his antler/bone while I open the door and he calmly walks outside. I put his water outside, pet him for a second and leave for work. It is a nice experience, no anxiety and it just works.
Before the rehab, he was at my heels from the minute I came downstairs, all wiggly and excited, jumping and waiting for a treat every day before I left for work. This habit is gone and our mornings are now pleasant.
He roams the house now and never picks up stuff to get attention. That was a huge problem before rehab. He doesn’t push the antler under the sofa or the TV stand for me get it for him which was another way he would get attention from me when he wanted the attention. These are all things that we have noticed, his bad habits are gone as well as his aggressive behavior.
This week we have noticed that he is a bit less excited when I get home from work, I ignore him and he calms down quickly. We are continually seeing results.