What I learned about dog. 
-Bear (my 65 pound German Shepherd rescue), wants to be a good dog and wants to know how to be a good dog. As his owners, we were confusing him by being inconsistent and therefore untrustworthy. He was trying to understand how to fit into our world, trying to learn what was expected of him, fearful about being left again and overly protective and dominant of me while in the presence of any other dog (and sometimes Zee and Wes.)
What I learned about myself through the dog.
-Bear is a metaphor for my fear of making mistakes. Since I changed my idea about mistakes being a negative thing, I have fixed the relationship with Bear. I now have a trust and appreciation for Bear and I feel a greater trust and appreciation for myself. For the first time (although I would say that (‘our mistakes are our greatest teachers), I see mistakes as a gift, as a redirecting push and as an opportunity to learn something. I now recognize Bear for what he truly is: a fantastic gift to me and a teacher.
He helped me learn what one of my lessons is. ‘It is ok to make mistakes’ Goooooood Boyy!!!
What I learned about myself through the process?
-Since seeing Leonard on Saturday I realized how guarded and distant a reality I have been living. Feeling angry and sad all the time. Also feeling as if I’m not important. Terrified of making a mistake, terrified of meeting new people, terrified of being alone, terrified of my responsibilities, terrified of how I’m perceived; yet all of this masked behind a cool calm guarded exterior. And the most amazing thing is when anyone asked me how expressive I am, I would swear, that I wore my heart on my sleeve. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
I was trying so hard to think my way out of feeling bad sad and mad that I hardly had any time for being creative and inspired or connected. I was taking everything personally.
How has my work with Leonard changed my life so far?
-I feel simultaneously stronger and more vulnerable. It feels like my eyes are a different shape. Everything has changed and nothing has changed. I’m in the same place with the same people doing the same things but everything looks and feels different I feel like I just ‘landed’. I feel like a puppy who’s paws are too big for its body…clumsy, hopeful, excited, and soft & fluffy. 
My walk has changed and I love walking my dog. It’s been three days….