Yelp review


Our German Shepherd Loki has nipped several people and has bitten a close family member. Our main issue is when we have guests over at the house, he automatically goes into protection mode. He would do anything to make sure he was between us and our guest, and eventually would nip someone or growl when they came near us. We had thought the dog was extremely anxious and worried because he would constantly be on guard watching everyone’s moves. What we found out in about the first 5 minutes with Leonard was that we had a very dominant, confident dog who controlled everything. We had thought that when he was protecting us he would get himself so worked up that he’d nip or bite because he couldn’t handle the stress, when in reality it was because he wasn’t controlling the situation. In our first session Leonard was able to tell us what kind of dog we have (dominant) and showed us how that changes when someone steps in and takes control. He took complete control over Loki and by the end of the session we saw a big change. There is plenty of homework for us to do and we thank Leonard for teaching us and guiding us to having a better relationship with our dog. Highly recommended.