My husband and I came to Leonard, as a last resort. I own three dogs, and they all seemed to get along, until one day we started having dog fights. The dog fights were not play fights, but full blown aggression with blood and injuries to both my animals and my husband. One of my dogs bit my husband three times over one weekend, because of a fight. I’ve had blood all over my home in such a way that it looked like a murder scene in the past. Before we found Leonard, we were trying to decide which dog we felt was the “problem dog”, and what friend would be willing to take the dog and promise a forever home with no children or other animals.
I believe it was on a Saturday that our dogs had their last fight in our family room. I was fed up, so I started to do some research. I found Leonard and they were at his ranch that very evening. The decision to leave the dogs with him was a no brainer. It was either that, or get rid of them- which I did not want to do. I was heart broken that this type of behavior was happening in my home, and I had no control over it. Leonard told me that his methods work, and not to worry- that if we follow everything he teaches us, and put in the effort our aggression problems will be a thing of the past.
Leonard, we Thank You for everything. I don’t think we could ever really say Thank You enough for all that you’ve done. French Bull Dogs Rehabilitated at Dog Psychology Center
Over the two months that Leonard had our dogs, my husband and I would visit and learn as well. We worked with the dogs, and soaked in everything that Leonard taught us about how to raise our dogs to be respectful members of our pack. The transformation that I saw in my dogs in the time that they were with him was amazing. Right before my eyes, my dogs were learning how to be dogs again and most importantly they were learning respect.
My dogs have been home for two weeks now with us. We have not had one fight. This in itself is a miracle because prior to Leonard helping us, it was rare to go a day without a fight, sometimes maybe even two. Nothing we did would stop the aggression, and now here I have three dogs that get along with one another, show each other respect and show my husband and I respect.
Just this past weekend, we played catch outside with all three of the dogs. No one growled, no one fought. It used to be that we could not have any toys, balls, or ropes when the dogs were together, because it would always be a fight. Now we can play with them, using toys, balls, frisbee or anything else and they wait politely for their turn.


One more improvement that I would like to note, is dog walking. They no longer pull on the leash, but they all walk calmly beside my husband and I. Finally, with Leonard’s help, we have finally mastered dog walking. I used to walk the dogs, and it would turn into them taking me for a walk. They were completely out of control.
Leonard has done more with my dogs than I ever could have imagined. Through him, not only have we been able to keep our dogs with us, like we wanted to, but it’s help to strengthen the relationship that we have with them.
Leonard, we Thank You for everything. I don’t think we could ever really say Thank You enough for all that you’ve done.
Thank you Leonard Ludovico from for all your help,
11 months later
I thought I’d update you and share a success of Bubba’s. I took him to the vet the other morning and he was the ONLY dog in that waiting area not pulling on his leash. He had a boxer and a rottweiler bark at him, and try to come up to him but once I told him ground his little behind stayed on the floor and didn’t move. I watched his eyes and he was calm as could be, even with dogs barking and trying to come at him. He’s really come a very long way. There wasn’t the slightest bit of aggression in him. He’s a cool calm and collected dog now. Much more confident in himself and me! I see every day the awesome job you did with our dogs. They continually


Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,


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