$250 –1.5 hours Private Training Session and A Consultation. 

This is only for the first initial private consultation.


If you sign up for  any of my programs the same day. Then the $250 Goes towards my programs.

You will see results in the first session.


If you are trying to schedule a private session and are unable to for any reason, please call me at 310.383.1412 and we will schedule it together.

I return emails and phone calls back the same day. So that means if I don’t email you back or call you back never received it. Please email me again or call me

Does Your Dog Need Help With Leash Aggression, Food Aggression, Dog Fighting, Being Fearful, People Aggression, or Separation Anxiety or Basic Manners? Schedule a training session below.

This 1.5 hours private dog training session is comprised of hands-on training with you and your dog.

Just like no two people are alike, no two dogs are the same or learn in the same way. Leonard actually takes the time to get to the root of the problem and gives you the basic tools to communicate with your dog and understand your body language.

The training session takes place in Santa Monica, California. If you would like a home consultation/training session and live locally,  please call Leonard.