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Service Dog Training – Emotional Distress Dog (ESA) Training

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As an animal rehabilitator, Leonard trains all types of dogs to meet the owners need.
 As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, he also works with people who have experienced all forms of emotional distress from trauma, panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.
When combining both these skills and talents, he is seamlessly able to teach your dog to become a Service Dog/ Emotional Support Animal (ESA).
Service Dogs/Emotional Support Dogs provide incredible aid and unconditional support to those that use them. Often times, the process of training them is rather involved. However, utilizing his gifts, Leonard is able to accomplish this within a much shorter time frame than most places.
Leonard will personally train your dog in whatever areas you need emotionally and/or physically.  He customizes the program, whether it be for a Service Dog or an Emotional Support dog, so that the dog is trained to meet all your requirements, hence improving the quality of your life.
If you are interested in training your dog to be an Service Dog/Emotional Support Animal (ESA), please email him to set up an evaluation to determine if your dog is willing and capable.  He has found that many dogs love working and would welcome the opportunity.


*If you currently have a Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog and are experiencing any aggression, fear or any other behavior problems, Leonard is available to help.  He will gladly assist you in resolving these problems so your dog can get back to doing the work he loves to do.
*For more information on Leonard’s private therapy practice, please visit his website.