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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist

1-on-1 Dog Training 1.5 hour $425

Dog Behaviorist Dog Aggression, Fearful Dogs and Separation Anxiety.

First you schedule a 1.5 hour Private Dog Training & Consultation Session $425* This dog training & behavior consultation session is intense. The focus of the Consultation is to teach you how to read your dog’s body language. How energy effects your dog's behavior. You'll understand from your dog's point of view. After the Consultation session, you'd sign up for a package with me, Dog Behaviorist's Leonard Ludovico. I will help you put some type of program together for you and your dog. I understand a lot of my clients have already been to other trainers and it’s confusing because everybody says the same thing. I am the one that ends up fixing those dogs behaviors that other trainers couldn't fix.    
247 Boutique Private Dog Training


Dog Training & Dog Behaviorist for Dogs with Aggression & Separation Anxiety, PTSD 


Evaluating the whole dog to help families develop training plans customized for your specific needs.

Consultations are ideal for dogs with:

-dog aggression

-people aggression

-leash reactivity


-excessive barking

-inability to relax or settle down

-shaking/trembling, pacing, constant licking


-noise sensitivity

Helping you to achieve a calm, alert, attentive dog, who is a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

Working closely with you and your family to evaluate your dog’s behavior problem and how to fix them, giving you the dog, you need and want, a true companion and friend.

I evaluate your dog’s body language giving me valuable insights into his/her needs and personality. Body language cues such as tail wagging, ear position, posture, and facial expressions can offer clues about their emotional state and level of comfort. By carefully observing and interpreting these signals, I gather information about a dog’s temperament, energy level, and potential areas of improvement. I show you how to read your dog’s body language so you can communicate with one another.

I customize packages for your dog based on his/her body language and your individual needs. I consider various factors such as exercise requirements, mental stimulation needs, socialization opportunities, and any specific behavioral challenges your dog may have. For example, a high-energy dog may benefit from a package that includes regular exercise routines, interactive toys, and activities to keep them mentally engaged. On the other hand, a shy or anxious dog may require a package that focuses on confidence-building exercises.

By tailoring packages to address you and your dog’s specific needs and personality traits observed through body language, I provide a personalized approach to support the well-being and development of you and your dog.


Note: For Pit Bulls, English Bulldogs, or dogs weighing more than 60 pounds, I have designed a special six-hour training program.

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Please call (310) 383-1412 to schedule an appointment.
After the phone call, we can open a spot up available for booking online.

In-Person and Dog Bootcamps are located in Santa Monica. All sales are final - No Refunds

Payment Options for Doggie Boot Camp. I accept Check, Cash, Credit Card & Venmo. Credit Cards have a 3% Processing Fee
You must fill out all required fields! This includes uploading a picture of your dog and what would you like to get out of the session.


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A Different Method of Training

A big part of eradicating your dog’s aggressive behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. Leonard will teach you how to maintain the transformation once your dog’s training is complete.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training
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