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1 hour 1-on-1 Dog Training

*First you schedule a 1 -hour Private Training & Consultation Session $375  

Dog Training & Behavior consultation is intense. The focus of the Consultation to teach you how to read your dog’s body language and understand from your dogs point of you.  Then I could help you put some type of program together for you. I understand but a lot of my clients have been to fortified trainers and it’s confusing because everybody says the same thing. I am the one that ends up fixing those dogs behaviors.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training


Evaluating the whole dog to help families develop training plans individualized to their specific behavior goals.

Dog Training & Consultations are ideal for dogs with:
leash reactivity
generalized anxiety  frequent barking, inability to relax or settle down, shaking/trembling, pacing)
aggression towards people or animals
excessive barking
noise sensitivity
hyperactivity (inability to relax or settle down)

Helping you set achievable training goals so you and your dog learn faster.
Working closely with you and your family to evaluate your dog’s behavior problem.

Note: I am not accepting pit bull & English bulldog  or dogs that weigh over 65 pounds for doggie boot camp due to the training location.


There are no refunds.

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In-Person and Dog Bootcamps are located in Santa Monica. All sales are final - No Refunds

Payment Options for Doggie Boot Camp. I accept Check, Cash, Credit Card & Venmo. Credit Cards have a 3% Processing Fee


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A Different Method of Training

A big part of eradicating your dog’s behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. Leonard will teach you how to maintain the transformation once your dog’s training is complete.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training
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