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3-Week Doggie Boot camp $5,000 (Lifetime Training is

Our Most Popular Service for Dogs with Dog Aggression, People Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Fear Barking, Biting, Growling, Lunging on Leash.
247 Boutique Private Dog Training


*All the Bells and Whistles (Lifetime training is $999) *  

I understand that as long as my dog undergoes Doggie Boot Camp Training with Dominant Dogs:

  1. For the entire length of time recommended by Mr. Ludovico, and
  2. I actively participate in the amount of owner Doggie Boot Camp training recommended by Mr. Ludovico, and
  3. I bring my dog back for the required follow-up Doggie Boot Camp training session within two weeks for a 1-hour session;

If I don’t see your dog back in two weeks then lifetime training would be voided.

Then, should my pet require any behavioral adjustments after finishing Doggie Boot Camp training for the issue addressed in training with DominantDogs, I may return for a 30-minute session with my pet, once a week for additional training with Dominant Dogs at no extra cost.

However, if I take my dog home before training is completed, then the Lifetime Training offer is null and void, and I will be charged for any additional training I request. Dominant Dogs does not take dogs enrolled in Lifetime Training, back into bootcamp.

  • 3-Week Doggie Boot camp $5,000

  • (Lifetime Training is $999, )*

  • Most Popular Service for Dogs with Dog Aggression, People Aggression, Separation Anxiety, Fear Barking, Biting, Growling, Lunging on Leash.
  • Your Dog is With Me 24/7   365 Hours of Training.
  • Boutique-style, specialized, one-on-one training.
  • I Train Your Dog Personally
  • Your Dog Goes Everywhere with Me

I Take Only 1-3 Dogs at a Time So Your Dog Gets Unlimited Time, Attention and Training with Me. I am his and your personal trainer. It enables me to devote 100% of my time and attention to your dog. This allows me to develop a unique game plan for your dog, and his/her particular needs, which of course equals the very best results possible.

behavior specialists. Socialization, and Dog Psychology at all times, night and day. (Your dog isn’t just sitting in a cage all day long).

First you schedule a 1.5-hour Training & Consultation Session Appointment

I need to spend getting to know you and your dog, putting a plan together, diagnosing what you and your dog need and begin initial training. You get to ask questions about your dog’s behavior and why s/he is acting the way they are. Together, we determine if boot camp is a good fit for you your dog and the program. I read your dog’s body language and determine what the best course of action is, to bring you and your dog back into balance and harmony. Using dog psychology, I am able to telepathically communicate with your dog for better understanding of the dog’s thinking system. Training has begun.

Special Discount:

If your dog is a good fit for bootcamp and you would like bootcamp, the $500 fee for the doggie boot camp consultation session will be applied toward the price of the 3-week doggie boot camp. However, you must enroll in bootcamp before the training-consultation session is completed. Otherwise, you don’t get the special discount. The day you drop your dog off that count as a day doesn’t make a difference on what time you drop your dog off

Note: If we decide your dog is not a good fit for bootcamp, or you decide not to do boot camp, the $500 Consultation Session fee is nonrefundable.

Dog Training Boot Camp is designed for dogs with behavior problems such as aggression, separation anxiety and fear. I train your dog personally, coming from the animal’s point of view and I am with your dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normally I would need to keep the dog six weeks. I am able to do all of this in three weeks because I spend so much time with your dog.

We pride ourselves on boutique-style, specialized, one-on-one training. By keeping the volume of dogs, I work with limited to 1-3 dogs at a time, it enables me to devote 100% of my time and attention to your dog. This allows me to develop a unique game plan for each dog, and their particular needs, which of course equals the very best results possible.

I spend more than 6 hours with you before your dog goes home. That way you understand what you need to do and the training skills are transferred to you. After your dog has been in school learning, it’s now time for you to come on board and learn too. It’s what makes Dominant Dogs Boot Camp so special.

Your dog is in my home with me and my dogs, and gets one-on-one personal training throughout the day and evening. Your pet is put in real life situations in a family environment with dogs, cats, filled with exposure to unique fun adventures and experiences. Throughout doggie boot camp, you will get pictures and videos of your dog via Dominant Dogs social media and on the DominantDogs YouTube Channel. I’ll provide the link and you’ll feel like your dog has never left home.

I train from the animal’s perspective so that your dog is understood from his point of view.

Many of the behavior problems and aggression issues come from misunderstanding the dog from his point of view.

Imagine communicating with your dog without using words, telepathically. It is my gift. Everything has a rhythm; and things can be off rhythm with humans and animals. That creates imbalance between dog and human which creates the issues you are experiencing. So, the dogs I work with in boot camp become highly intuitive to you.

If you are experiencing anxiety or PTSD*, I train your dog how to help you through it. Almost every dog leaves boot camp, highly attuned to your mood and body language, almost like an ESA dog as a matter of course, organically. (To have a fully trained ESA dog, you would need more training time than this three-week program).

Doggie Boot Camp Schedule:

Initial Training and Consultation Session… Boot Camp Begins. When we get together for the initial Consultation session, we spent 1 hour together. You will drop your dog off at this time.

Two Weeks into Doggie Boot Camp… When the dog has been with me in boot camp for two weeks, I get together with you and your dog for a 2-hour follow up session to ensure everything is going as planned and to answer any of your questions.

Three Weeks into Doggie Boot Camp… When your dog is ready to go home. After the third week, when the dog is ready to go home, I spend 2 hours or more with you and your dog, to make sure the information is transferred to you properly for continued success. Email and phone support during and after doggie boot camp.

14 Days After the Dog Is Back Home with You…I see you and your dog for an 1-2 hour follow up session to answer questions and make sure everything is going as planned.

I spend over 6 hours total with you doing one-on-on private training hours teaching you, to bring you on board. I give you the skills to communicate with your dog. Most of my clients experience a dramatic change within themselves while their dog is changing too. It’s beautiful to see.

I look forward to meeting you on the path of oneness with you and your dog.

We follow CDC guidelines for everyone’s safety.

50% of Doggie Boot Camp Package fee is due when your dog is accepted into boot camp. The balance is due the second week of doggie boot camp.

There are no refunds.

Each additional day the dog is with me over the three-week package pickup date, is $200 per day

Additional weeks (per week) …..  $1,750

Note: I am not accepting pit bull or dogs that weigh over 65 pounds for doggie boot camp due to the training location.

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In-Person and Dog Bootcamps are located in Santa Monica. All sales are final - No Refunds

Payment Options for Doggie Boot Camp. I accept Check, Cash, Credit Card & Venmo. Credit Cards have a 3% Processing Fee


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A Different Method of Training

A big part of eradicating your dog’s behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. Leonard will teach you how to maintain the transformation once your dog’s training is complete.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training
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