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E Collar Training Private Sessions

This course is 1 hour for 4-consecutive weeks, a total of four hours, once a week intensive program on properly using the E Collar.
247 Boutique Private Dog Training


You can use the E collar or choose not to use the E collar for training.

This course is 1 hour for 4-consecutive weeks, a total of four hours, once a week intensive program on properly using the E Collar.

First, you schedule a 1.5-hour Training and Consultation Session Appointment.

 I will evaluate your dog and see if the dog is a good candidate for this type of training. I do not recommend this program for some dogs. And that is why I need to meet you and the dog first.

I have been using remote control E Collar Dog training for more than 30 years. Through the years, I have found the e-collar dog training a very versatile tool to have in your bag when you need it most. I am able to see positive results rather quickly and the majority of the time the collar is used at low levels.

The focus is on working with the temperament and learning curve of your dog and how sensitive the dog is. I accomplish this by reading the dog ‘s body language while also maintaining a true companion relationship. The goal is to put the least amount of stress on the dog, while at the same time let the dog be a dog that makes good decisions. There is not one “best” way to train your dog. The e-collar is an effective tool option that works well in certain circumstances and with certain dogs. The end goal is a happy well-behaved dog. I will teach you the proper way how to use the E collar.

This program has to be done once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, or you will lose any missed private training sessions. The E collar device is not included in this program and client must purchase their own collar. I will guide you as to the best collar to purchase for your dog or show you the best way to use the one you already have.

100% of 4-Week E-Collar Training Package fee is due when your dog is accepted into e-collar training.

There are no refunds.

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A Different Method of Training

A big part of eradicating your dog’s behavior is teaching you how to connect with your dog on the animal level instead of the human level. The relationship needs to be one of balance, trust, respect, structure, and leadership. Leonard will teach you how to maintain the transformation once your dog’s training is complete.

247 Boutique Private Dog Training
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