I met Leonard having just arrived home from a 12-hour flight from Ireland. My spouse was so desperate to get help for our 6 month old-very troubled cocker spaniel named Spenser, that our emergency dog appointment was scheduled for the second I got home. Spenser was disconnected, hyper and insecure, as well as dog aggressive (which I rationalized as just playing), food and toy aggressive. I had been to two other dog trainers and nothing seemed to work–clickers, treats, choke collars. As Leonard would say, “Dog training doesn’t work.” The moment I was out of Spenser’s sight, he would whine and bark incessantly. I had already been given two warning notices from my co-op association that if I didn’t do something about the dog, I would be voted out of the building.


I sat and watched while Leonard worked with Spenser. It was like watching a dance. One I did not have the time or skills to do myself.
I asked Leonard to take the dog home with him for sleep-over camp. I sobbed as he put my soft golden puppy on his shoulder and walked away.


Leonard kept Spenser with him for 3 weeks, 24-hours a day and took him everywhere with him– Home Depot, family bar-b-ques, dog beaches and parks. He had the dog off-leash the second day! Spenser was never off leash with me before. It was well worth the price. He fixed the dog, I never had another complaint where I live. The dog is perfect off leash, and in the process, Leonard changed my life in many positive and wonderful ways. So to Leonard I say, you are a blessed and giving man who has done so much to fill and ease my way. I am grateful beyond measure and love you with all my heart.


Shari, Esq.