I took my dog, Token, to Leonard as a last resort. He was very dog and people aggressive. He has 2 bites on record and if he got another one he would have to be put down. I was told by every other trainer that he should be put down. My kids love their dog and we were not willing to give up hope.


When I brought Token to see Leonard he was growling at him through the car window and I was afraid to let him out cause I know he wanted to bite Leonard. Leonard was calm and reassuring and told me to let my dog out. Token really wanted to rip Leonard apart.


The first time I went to visit for my own training, Token was walking calmly next to Leonard with no leash or muzzle. Leonard spent several hours with me and my daughter teaching us how to work with Token. The second time I was there, Token was lying with Leonard on the grass. He was also playing with all the other dogs.


Within a few weeks Token was ready to go home.Token’s been home for a week now and he is a completely different dog. I can walk him without a muzzle and he doesn’t try to bite or growl at other dogs or people. Leonard taught us how to introduce our friends to Token and he is doing great! Leonard changed our lives and saved Tokens