My name is Tanya and my two babies are Daisy and Duke. Daisy is a short haired, deer head, female Chihuahua. Duke is a long haired, apple head, male chihuahua. Daisy is very spoiled, very high strung, barks all the time and is the instigator. She is very friendly with people but a little skid-dish with kids. Duke is an awesome dog when we are by ourselves but does not like kids, men or other dogs. Taking my dogs on a walk is a nightmare! They bark at everything, Duke is very aggressive towards other dogs. He gets scared easily and attacks. Duke has bitten four people and attacked a few dogs. Any fast movements or loud noises freak him out. Duke bit me in the face when I tried to stop him from barking at another dog. He is also very protective over his food. Daisy is learning bad behaviors from him and starting to be aggressive over food also. I decided that I need to do something asap before Duke bites the wrong person and I have to put him to sleep. I Googled dog trainers that specialize in aggressive behavior. I found Leonard Ludovico right away and was so excited that he was based out of Temecula and that he had a large property for the dogs. The first thing Leonard asked me was, what do I want to get out of our sessions together. I said, “I just want a normal life, I want to be able to take my dogs places and not have to worry about them attacking people or dogs and not barking at everything and acting wild.” Just after a few sessions I have learned so much about my dogs and about myself! The first time that I went on a walk and we passed another dog with out them barking, I was so excited I wanted to throw a party. By our second session together he had my two chihuahuas hanging out with 2 German shepherds and a lab, they were running around freely outside next to my side and didn’t run away. We even went for a ride on the ATV and they loved it, they weren’t scared at all. I have been practicing all the tips he has given me to work with them at home and will continue to do training until I have nice, pleasant chihuahuas. Leonard is not a trainer who gives commands, I would like to say he is a behavioral specialist. I have learned my dogs behavior, why they do certain things and how to be the leader of the pack. Once I took the responsibility of being the leader in my pack, my life became a lot easier.