In April 15, 2010, our dog Wyatt had become leash aggressive towards other dogs. We had hired another trainer to help us but it didn’t work at all!


About 5 months ago I started looking online for a bootcamp for Wyatt. I looked at so many, some of them more than once, but none of them seemed right. I was getting discouraged, then I came across the website. I read everything on the website.


After speaking with Leonard Ludovico I knew this was IT!! We met with Leonard and within 10 minutes he had our dog around his dogs without even a bark!! We were so impressed, we decided to leave Wyatt with him


Leonard is amazing, he is so knowledgable about dogs and animals in general. He really cares about the dogs and the people he works with. He wouldn’t send Wyatt home until he felt he was ready and we were ready.


Leonard will spend as much training time with you as you are willing to put in. When we brought Wyatt home we couldn’t believe the changes in him. I am so happy, I can actually walk Wyatt now, all 150-lbs of him, without worrying whether or not I will be able to control him.


I am no longer concerned about him getting out the front door. Even after Wyatt was home Leonard checked in with us to answer questions and we went back for follow up visits to reinforce what we learned. I don’t have the words to thank Leonard for the positive changes he brought out in Wyatt and in us! This was an awesome experience and worth every penny!


Thank you Leonard Ludovico, you’re the best!!




San Clemente, CA