I am not one to write testimonials so please know that this means a lot coming from me and I only had my initial consultation with Leonard Ludovico. Let me tell you why I sought him out. I have to Cane Corso Mastiff brothers and I have been a dog owner since a kid. My boys are a year old and after their third fight they actually bit my husband bad enough where he had wounds that took him out of work for two weeks with deep puncture marks that required packing rather than stitching. I have been raised with dogs but my husband hasn’t so he is ready to give one away but with the eye issues my dog has (most dogs with loose skin have eye issues) we have been advised to put him down if we do give him up. This is not the first option for me because I know I have not tried everything I can to correct the issue. Since March I have been seeking out behaviorists and have to let you know that my dogs were enrolled in obedience classes at Petsmart and have gone through all the classes and graduated the advanced class too. Since March I have had no luck with any behaviorists and it shocks me. I am willing to pay so I do not understand why I cannot find any single person to help. What I ran into were behaviorists telling me to pay $500 per dog for an initial assessment to determine if they could even help my boys out all the while telling me how serious my case was so I was getting more worried. Here I am seeking help but hearing that I have to dish out money but may not even get the help I need. Behaviorists would tell me that they would come out to examine my dogs and then go through all the basic commands and then take it from there. I even contact Cane Corso breeders from out of state to ask if them if they had any specific trainers they recommended in the LA area but again no luck. I narrowed it down to three behaviorists with Leonard being one of them. Again I was receiving dead end answers from two but when I spoke with Leonard on the phone he took his time with me and what stood out was his bluntness (he told me exactly what I had been doing wrong but what was different was what I had to do to change it, no other behaviorist did that) and he said “I hope you realize that I never mentioned obedience”. Now that got me because he actually never did and he went on to tell me that my dogs were obedient that was not the issue but rather the behavior was. He was so confident and reassuring that he could tell me how to correct the issue that I knew I found the right person. He also told me that he would be honest and let me know if owning two of these powerful breeds was something I would be able to handle and that was something I appreciated because I knew he wasn’t only looking for the money but rather the well-being of my dogs and myself. I was sold! Today I met with Leonard with one of my dogs (because I cannot physically bring both at the same time, they are huge) for a two hour initial meeting but Leonard doesn’t even care about the time rather the quality which was great, after we were done it was well over two hours. At our meeting Leonard pointed out everything I was doing that led to my dogs behavior, my dog was reacting to my actions and it was my fault but he taught me what to do and this was only our consultation! He was showing me the dogs body language with signs that I would never interpret on my own without a person such as Leonard who cares so much so that this seems to come naturally; take a look at his background and wow has he taken that extra mile to actually study what no other “top-notch” behaviorist I considered did. My dog bonded with Leonard because he showed my dog that he would protect him something my dog was trying to get from me that I did not even know. Every step of the way Leonard kept asking “do you have any questions” and that was refreshing because not only was he engaged with my dog but me too unlike others I have come across that will ask you this only at the end. Just with our consultation my dog was relaxed because he knew I would protect him and I learned this from Leonard in just that little bit of time. The peace of mind I had was worth the wait and all the searching I had done since March so if you are reading this and considering shopping around please understand that you can go to all these others but that only causes more damage and prolongs the issue. Leonard has made this his life and he truly understands these animals and people. I am not one to write testimonials but if you are reading this please know I was in your shoes and can say you will not be disappointed. This was only my consultation and you can bet I am coming back with both dogs! Leonard was the only one to tell me that my dogs can live together harmoniously as long as I learn and equip myself, which he will teach me and my dogs. Leonard you are truly a master of your craft and I cannot wait to come back with both boys! I cannot thank you enough! See you soon Leonard,


Teny (owner), Vincenzo & Niccolo (1 year old Cane Corso Mastiff brothers)