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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist


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This guy really surprised me. I was expecting something completely different. My two French bulldogs are out-of-hand. I’m the type of person, that doesn’t like a chaotic household. It causes me anxiety and stress when the dogs are fighting, barking, lunging, and out-of-control. It makes me feel uncomfortable and not in control of my own household. My pets are supposed to be my companions and friends, not a source of anxiety and stress.
In the first 5 minutes of meeting Leonard, he caught ahold of my anxiety and he was able to put it in such a way, that I could learn how to control my anxiety through the dogs.
Actually, he helped me more with my emotional issues, through training my dogs. It was an easy, non-threatening way to learn about myself.
I’ve been to many healthcare practitioners about my anxiety, and this guy calmed me down, and helped me get a handle on it, so quickly. I didn’t realize how the anxiety was creating so much anxiety, fear, aggression and chaos with my dogs. They were picking up on my energy. It sure was nice to have someone who understood my stress and my dogs’ behavior all together and be able to fix both behaviors at once, very subtly and without fuss.
This guy is special. He has multiple gifts that are hard to describe but work in tandem to help you and your dog.
I got so much more than I expected, and it was well worth the money and time. This man is gifted, both as an animal and people behaviorists. I received the benefit of his skills and I highly recommend him.
Whether you have a problem with your dog just needing manners, or the dog is anxious or aggressive, or even fearful, Leonard knows his stuff.
After all, if he can work with aggressive and fearful dog, he can treat other unwanted dog behaviors, masterfully. I am sending my dogs to bootcamp, after the consultation/training session, because, to be honest, I want to learn about myself, while I learn about my dogs. It’s really a two-fer. It’s much easier to go through the dog to help with my anxiety, than trying to do it on my own. So, if you are having problems with anxiety, or fear, stress, any emotional issues, Leonard will help you by teaching you through your dog. It’s quite an experience and one I feel grateful to have had the chance to have.
I asked him how he was able to know all this stuff about me and the dogs, and he said that I was just like him and I too had the same gifts and ability. “I just needed to be trained on how to manage it.” I’m going to take him on up it.

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