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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist


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Leonard is a great trainer who really knows what he is doing. I’m so glad my boyfriend and I decided to take our rescue pup to training. Even though our puppy is technically a senior dog Leonard was still willing to train him. During our initial 1 hour training session with Leonard I immediately knew we found the right trainer for our puppy. Our puppy’s demeanor completely changed around Leonard. Our puppy was calm, he listened to commands and stopped aggressively pulling on the leash. It honestly felt like the first training session changed our puppy into a whole new dog! After our successful 1 hour training session we decided to put our puppy in a 3 weeks training program with Leonard. I will provide an update on our puppy’s progress after the program ends. Overall, I’m so thankful for Leonard! He is a wonderful, attentiveand devoted trainer. He has a real gift for dog training and you can tell he truly loves, understands and respects all dogs. I highly recommend him!

Update: Our puppy came home two weeks ago. He is doing so well. He is still listening to commands and his anxiety level has gone down. We work with him everyday and it’s paying off. I’m so happy that we decided to have our puppy trained by Leonard. Now we get to enjoy our calm, happy, and playful puppy!

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