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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist


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I brought my 9-yr old, lab-mix rescue to Leonard for consultation prior to boot camp. Within the first 15 min of the visit, I could already see my dog transforming into a dog that I had not previously experienced.  My dog had been showing fearful/anxious signs around other dogs and people and I was skeptical that Leonard would be able to change his behavior. During the visit, Leonard was able to build trust and relax my dog quickly.  He was also able to point out some of my behaviors that needed to changed in order to allow for a happy, healthier dog.  In just an hour of training, I could see a sizable difference in my dog’s behavior.

After the initial consultation, I booked the 3-week bootcamp.  Leonard was extremely responsive and consistently gave us updates throughout the entire process. We met together w/ him and the dog at the end of week 2, week 3 and again after the program for one-on-one training.

During the stay, Leonard was able to reset my dog’s balance; overcoming years of unstable anxious behavior… as well as reset the relationship between me and the dog.  When I got my dog back, he was much calmer, responsive, and relaxed.  I’m glad I took the next steps in the training process w/ Leonard. Well worth the investment.

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