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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist


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I lost track of how many trainers we tried for our GSD Elliott before Leonard. We had even tried a different sleepover boot camp. Nothing worked. On our first meeting, we could see how much Leonard “got” Elliott. He knew that our dog’s biggest issue was fear and that was articulating itself in aggression, particularly when around other dogs on the leash. Elliott spent 3 weeks with Leonard and we met up with him during and after that time to review skills. Now Elliott can easily walk by other dogs on a leash without reacting. He is also much better behaved at home because we have better routines with him. One thing that I found most surprising is that Elliott really LOVES Leonard. Elliott gets so happy when he sees Leonard and he looks so happy and proud when working with Leonard. Our dog was craving the structure and confidence that Leonard gave him. I would recommend him for any dog.

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