In August, 2012 I adopted a two month old German Shepard puppy named Leo. He was a very shy puppy to all dogs; however he loved to play with people. I was very happy with the way Leo was acting with dogs and people. I mean Leo was socializing with other dogs in a non-aggressive manner. It was turning out to be a dream come true, adopting a puppy who was well behaved with people and dogs alike.


A few months later Leo was turning into a BIG boy. At six months old he was already 60 pounds, but still thought he was the small 20 pound puppy I adopted four months prior. I started to notice that Leo was playing with other dogs, but in a way that was starting to make me nervous. Leo was very mouthy when he played with other dogs, and it’s safe to say that the other dogs weren’t very fond of this kind of playing. Leo started getting into some fights with other dogs. I felt terrible because I knew Leo was only trying to play but the way he was playing was too aggressive.


Once Leo turned a year old that’s when things started to really get out of hand. Leo was now 85 pounds and about six feet long. I could no longer walk him on the street without him going after something in an aggressive manor. As much as I tried Leo still wouldn’t listen to me. I did obedience training when he was younger so all Leo really knew was to sit, lay down, and go to the bathroom outside; which had no effect on him when he was trying to attack another animal. I realized I needed to get him more training. y girlfriend was talking to me one day and told me about possibly sending Leo to a Doggie Boot Camp. I was at the point of desperation considering that a week before, Leo got out of my backyard and attacked another dog. I needed to get Leo under control or else bad things would come for me and Leo. My girlfriend and I started to search the internet for Doggie Boot Camps and we both had a couple places to try out however we both couldn’t agree on one. Then I found Leonard’s website and my girlfriend agreed with me that we should try it. I called Leonard and the following week I had a two hour session with him and Leo. Leonard told me after a few minutes that Leo just needs help learning how to be a dog. I didn’t really know what it meant but within the two hours Leo started to change. Leonard said Leo would be good for Doggie Boot Camp.


A month later I went to Leonard’s ranch and I enrolled Leo in Doggie Boot Camp. Leonard said that Leo should be ready in about two months. In the two months that Leo was with Leonard, Leonard emailed me about every week and informed me on everything that was going on and even sent me pictures. I went down to the ranch to work with Leo, with Leonard’s supervision, and started to see the improvement with Leo. I was so happy with Leonard’s work; he truly did wonders with Leo.


It’s been about 4 months since Leo left the ranch and still to this day Leonard is emailing me and asking how Leo is. Leonard is still willing to work with me and Leo if needed and I couldn’t be happier. Now Leo and I walk the streets without any problems and it’s all thanks to Leonard. Leo and I couldn’t be any happier now.
Thank you Leonard Ludovico from ( for all your help,


Best Wishes,


Val, and Leo


san diego C.A.