Leonard does amazing work. We got a terrier Maltese mix a year ago. She was very shy at first and didn’t like people very much, but it wasn’t an issue. She usually got along okay with friends and family. As much as we love our little dog, we are busy people, so we sent her to day care most days in order to be socialized with dogs and other people. After a couple months at day care she was doing well off leash with dogs and with some people. However, at around 8 months old she began showing major signs of fear aggression, especially on the leash for walks and very territorial in our neighborhood. She would bark at every person or dog that walked by. At the dog park, she confronted every person. Soon, she began to get worse with guests in the house, even some she has met many times. She was still the sweetest dog just with us, but either scared or a complete terror when not at home or day care, making us not want to leave the house with her if we could.

We were scared to take her anywhere and were very worried she would soon bite someone. After trying out one trainer for a couple of sessions with not much improvement, we contacted Leonard. When she was around 18 months old, we did a 2 hour training session with Leonard, and she was at her absolute worst when we showed up to him. Leonard began listing off all of the cues she was giving off about herself as well as what changes we should make as owners. Ultimately, he recommended that he take the pup for a 3 week boot camp because he was afraid that she would soon bite someone and needed to change quickly. We thought on it for the day and ultimately decided to do the boot camp.

Leonard took her for the three weeks and kept us updated on her progress, working with his dogs and even having her help rehabilitate other difficult dogs. We got her back from Leonard a week ago and she has been a completely different dog. Walks have been a breeze and she rarely barks at anything. Leonard made many recommendations on how to work with her going forward as there is still a decent amount of work that we need to do with her daily. He took a lot of time with us, making sure we knew what we were doing in different situations. All in all, she is much more obedient, respectful, comfortable, and confident than we ever thought she could be. We look forward to seeing how she continues to get better. What a huge relief Leonard as been and we’re finally seeing the happy confident pup we always wanted!

These three videos all the dogs had some type of aggressive issues. The Australian Shepherd was very aggressive with dogs fearful everything. The testimonial that your reading little brown dog. Very aggressive at home. When it let new people in the house. I never had to go to the house to fix this problem. I offered and they said they didn’t have any problems anymore.