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What Is Intuition?

It’s instinctively knowing or feeling something without really knowing how
or why because there is no valid proof. Intuition speaks to you through
your thoughts, feelings, vibrations or energy. It also appears to you
through signs, symbols, and metaphors. It’s that voice within yourself
that is always right. We all are given the gift of intuition or knowing.
Its information of divine wisdom and knowledge and when it comes in, it
is truth in its purest form. It is guidance, insight, and perspective.
It is subtle and humble, yet can be so helpful.

People often call them angels or God but each provide access to this
intelligence. This is sometimes called being a medium, having psychic
abilities, or channeling. Uncovering or tapping into this guidance
(intuition) is similar to accessing a computer network full of
information. By doing so, you can bring tremendous awareness,
understanding, presence and peace into your life and those around you.

Follow me on the pathway. Be one with yourself and others. Any therapy questions you can email me.

Leonard Ludovico

Wisdom giver

(310) 383-1412


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