I have been pondering for a few years on getting a Shiba Inu, one of the most common stubborn dogs to train, and I did not gain confidence to achieve my dream until I met Leonard. I wanted to send my new puppy to the best boarding school or a training center around Los Angeles during his puppy stage, and everyone I spoke to was sweet and addressed their spiel of, “for this much money, I can train your dog”. I finally called Leonard, and for once didn’t hear about a package deal. Instead he was interested in what I wanted out of my puppy, what I wanted out of a dog, and then went into day-by-day detail on what I should do. He was the most intellectual person I have spoken to about training my dog, and explained certain situations that I did not even think about, but that I could already see were soon about to arise. Just by our conversation alone, I knew I met a guy who does not beat around the bush, and would help you get the EXACT help you are looking for in order for you to get what dog of your dreams. Leonard does not care about what he gets at the end of the day, but he cares about you and your journey with your dog. I have to send this review, because this man was the most enlightening, intellectual, and sincere dog trainer I have come across!