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This was the hardest phone call I’ve ever made…. and probably the most informative conversation I’ve ever had. My only wish is that I made the call 5 years earlier. I don’t think I would ever rescue a large dog (even a puppy) without investing in training up front. I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a novice pet owner. I’ve had Animals my entire life. I even volunteer for a local rescue. Taking the time to talk to me on a Sunday afternoon was amazing in the best of circumstances. A family members dog had become aggressive “overnight “. To learn that’s the behavioral issues were there all along and we didn’t recognize them was literally a wake up call. Could he hurt my daughters other dogs? My grandchildren? My daughter? When I made the call I was looking for an easy solution.. what I got what was the most common sense approach to training that I have ever heard. I’m a fan- I really don’t know how to say it better than that. Aggressive behavior-is just what it is – aggressive behavior. Could it manifest itself by attacking another animal in the family? Could it turn towards a child or even an adult? The simple answer is yes. Training doesn’t just involve the dog- it’s the whole family and if you do it right- it mean you, your family and your beloved dog can live harmoniously. Ignore the signs – it could bring tragedy. The most no nonsense and knowledgeable trainer- I’ve ever talked to.