Yelp review

My fiancé and I had our first consulation with Leonard for our rescue dog, Yuzu. We adopted Yuzu a few months ago and have been working on his training since then. While he was able to successfully learn basic obedience commands and potty training, we haven’t been able to break his awful tendency to snap at strangers.

Our consultation was supposed to be a 1 hour session but Leonard spent well over 2 hours with us. It was incredibly appreciated as we saw a marked improvement in Yuzu’s behavior immediately after the lesson. Leonard is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in understanding dogs, their behaviors and how best to train them. Within about 5 mins of being under Leonard’s control, Yuzu was trying to get onto his lap and much less nasty than his typical reaction to someone new.

Leonard was early to the consultation, spent more time than what we scheduled and paid for, and immediately sent us tons of helpful material through email. I highly recommend setting up an appointment with him if you have an aggressive dog.

We are really hopeful and looking forward to the rest of our lessons with Leonard.