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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist

Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology

Dog Psychology often times can be hard to understand. That’s because dogs think in a different way than we do. You need to fully understand what a dog wants, needs and is trying to communicate.

It is imperative to relate to and satisfy the dog through the animal part. That begins with understanding communication from the animal’s point of view.  By doing so, it builds trust, respect, structure and balance between you and the dog.  Through understanding the dog from the animal aspect and utilizing a variety of training methods, you can alter or fix dog behavior.

You don’t want to humanize a dog. You want your dog to be his true animal self. That’s what we love so much about them. Humanizing a dog just creates confusion in the animal part of the dog.  Often times, that results in dog aggression, separation anxiety in dogs, and other behavioral problems.

There is a proper role for all dog training methods and techniques. Under the right circumstances and for certain dogs, opting for rewards and aversion methods may provide the results you need. Using only food or positive reinforcement in an attempt to fix dog aggression or dominance tends to only make matters worse. Although, don’t think that using physical force or domination will work with a dog. The dog will be trained a lot easier and faster if he respects you and you respect him.

Dog aggression training is not a simple process. It takes a lot of time and effort to understand dog behavior and then use that knowledge to train the dog.  At the end of the day, a dog needs proper attention and leadership.

You need to be the leader of the pack.

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