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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist

How Is This Doggie Boot Camp Different From All Others?

Anxiety Be-Gone Program - Dog Anxiety Training - Dominant Dogs

I specialize in reading dog and human body language. And since both humans and dogs communicate 90% through body language, this is the key to what makes my program different. Dogs can read human body language 2x more accurately than a three-year-old child and 4x better than even a chimpanzee. *

If you want real, long lasting change in your dog’s behavior, I will show you what your dog is communicating with his body language and what you are communicating to the dog with your body language and how to bring you back into sync. First, I work with the dog, using body language to communicate with him, providing consistency, structure and leadership. Then, I work with you and pair you up to a place of wonderful connectivity and communication.

I have been telepathically communicating with dogs since age 6. It is a gift. Some refer to me as a mentalist–a person who knows how people and animals are thinking. Someone with the ability to read minds, uses energy and psychological principles from body language reading, nonverbal communication, extrasensory perception and many psychological aspects together. As a trained and practicing hypnotherapist/hypnotist, I am able to use all of these skills to provide a unique experience for you and your dog.

It’s very hard to pick a dog trainer or animal behaviorist because they all sound the same and it’s hard to know who is gifted with animals, and who is just using clickers, treats, or bullying to get the behavioral changes needed. That being said this is why my program is different. Because I am different. Animal rehabilitation is a skill, a personal service and the service provider’s talent and skill is everything.

So, I look forward to meeting you and your dog on the path of discovery.

*Robert Hare and a team of researchers at Harvard University conducted an experiment: dogs were able to instantly interpret the human’s body language four times better than chimpanzee, and more than twice as well as the three-year-old’s – even if the human was a complete stranger. The question is what body language is your dog reading off of you?

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