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Dog Aggression & Separation Anxiety Dog Training Specialist


Who will be working with my dog?

Leonard is a dog rehabilitation expert and will be the only one working with your dog. As the owner of Dominant Dogs he has 25 years of experience training and working with dogs. He is a master trainer and it is the joy of his life rehabilitating your dog and returning them to their natural balanced animal state.

Where does my dog sleep while in doggie boot camp?

Your dog sleeps in the same bedroom with Leonard and the family pets.  Your dog is put in a cage for his safety and the safety of the rest of the pets.

What happens if I don’t get the results I want from the training? Is there a guarantee?

While it is unethical to offer a 100% guarantee because of the many factors involved in the rehabilitation process, Leonard and your dog will work their hearts out to get the results everyone is hoping for. Then, Leonard only chooses the most committed and diligent owners for doggie boot camp. In his experience, no matter how acute the issue, he sees wonderful transformations and changes in the dog’s behavior. It is joyful to witness these changes especially the new even stronger relationship between the owner and theirß. It does take hard work on Leonard’s part, the dog’s part and the owner’s part to create harmony, trust, and balance. But it’s worth it!

Will I get to see videos or pictures of my dog in boot camp?

Yes. Of course. It will feel like your dog never left. Leonard will be sending you videos and pictures of your dog and your dog’s progress. You will see the change in your dog’s behavior. You will see the difference from when your dog started boot camp and where the dog is now. Clients report that because Leonard sends so many videos and pictures, it helps them feel like the dog never left.

Will I get to see my dog during Doggie Boot Camp?

Leonard doesn’t allow for visits during doggie boot camp. Although he understands it may be hard to be away from your dog, he finds the owners presence to be counter-productive and distracting for the dog.

My dog is very aggressive. Do you work with aggressive dogs? Can he be trained?

Leonard specializes in training dogs with behavioral issue such as human aggression, dog-to-dog aggression, food aggression. Leonard is an expert at communicating telepathically with your dog, knowing what your dog is thinking and feeling at all times, and addressing issues your dog is having. He will show you how to read your dog’s body language so you can anticipate an action before it becomes a problem.

Do you work with dogs that don't have any aggression issues?

Leonard also works with dogs that do not have problems with aggression. He bases his training on trust, respect, relationship. If your dog doesn’t trust you he/she isn’t going to listen to you. Trust is the foundation of all good relationships and all good dog rehabilitation.

I have been to a lot of dog trainers and it didn't work?

Most of the dogs Leonard works with have been to 3 to 5 trainers and they weren’t able to fix the problem. Many of our owners have said, “This is my dog’s last chance.”  Thankfully, those owners and their dogs can happily be seen on our Yelp reviews for dominantdogs and on our testimonial page where there are over 80 dogs and their satisfied owners.

What happens if I can’t afford your program, but my dog really needs help?

We understand. Most clients qualify for PayPal’s Credit program that allows for easy loans with no interest if paid within approximately 6 months.

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